Is this what I look like now?

Goodness what a weeks it’s been. Homecoming is tonight and we’ve been in float mode and trying to keep up with life’s demands.

Yesterday my notary badge came in and I had taken a new photo for it. I remembered I’d had my original photo from when I took my picture in June at the notary class so I got the two out and put them side by side.

How crazy is that. The one on the left looks like she ate the one on the right.

I still can’t believe I have eyes



Dear Diary,

Today I took my mother out to lunch for her birthday. Her wish was for crab legs at the local Red Lobster so I figured I could have some salmon and mashed something or another. I did. I did and it was delicious all ten bites I took of it.

Afterward we went to Kohl’s so she could spend her birthday gift cards and the most amazing thing happened. Yes I found a great pair of sunglasses for $6 but I also fit into a size 12 comfortably.

I almost cried.

Instead I yelled “I FIT INTO A TWELVE” as loud as I could without caring, it was fabulous. I don’t remember the last time I wore a 12.

Ok now I’m crying.

The end is nigh

My surgeon got wide to the fact that this weekend is Labor Day and cancelled our appointment for Saturday. When they called to reschedule my appointment I said it had to be on a Saturday and I’m NOT driving to Los Angeles again. That pushed the appointment out 2 weeks so I asked if that means my progression to phase 2 puréed foods is going to be delayed? Well, the woman told me to stick to the guidelines the nutritionist gave me which I was relieved to hear.

That means, tomorrow will be 30 days since surgery and I can begin a new chapter in this story, and I am scared to death.

Son of a beach

For we far back as I can remember my mom took us to the beach LOADED with snacks and food to enjoy. We would get there early and stay late and eat and swim and get fried by the sun.

Well, fast forward 45 years and three weeks post gastric sleeve still on liquid diet and we’re on our way to Laguna Beach with fried chicken, snacks galore, Coke’s and you name it and here’s my loot for the day.

I ain’t even mad….

Ok maybe a little. It’s just different!!! Another mountain to climb over, I can do this!!!

Face to Face Friday Vol1

Yeeeeeee it’s been a month and my sister had taken a photo of me making a stupid face yesterday, and when I put it next to a photo from a month ago in Alaska I was shocked.

Well since that photo was dorky as heck I took another one today, put them side by slide and this is the outcome.

I’m so excited to have a neck and 2 eyes!!! And to think, I’m only a month in to this journey.

Walk it Out

Yesterday evening the husband and I went for a walk on the track at the middle school near our house. I have to admit it’s the first time in YEARS that I intentionally went to a track to walk. I’m fearful of my lack of pooping so I thought if I got the ole body moving perhaps the bowels would follow. My doctor assured me that if I’m not struggling to go or I’m not bloated or not passing gas then really there just isn’t much waste and I’m good.

Well we almost walked a mile and the soccer practice going on let out and they were going to lock that gates so we left but, I certainly do feel jiggling going on inside. It felt SUPER good to have intently participated in exercise and not died. It was a beautiful evening with my best friend for sure.

Tonight we’re planning on going earlier so we can maybe get that whole mile in this time. Seems pathetic I know but with all the arthritis my body has and the torn ligament in my hip, being able to do anything is something spectacular.

Hopefully I will poop 💩😂