Why I juice and eat clean

Why I juice and eat clean

Left… Me in January of this year
Right… Me on Sunday through my bedroom mirror that needs attention in the worst way.

I have always been “the fat girl”. I’ve had to watch my weight since birth and I tease my mom about it being her fault since she fed me whole milk as an infant. I know it’s genetic though as my dads side of the family is cursed with obesity and my moms side are all pretty thin. I don’t know if I am just having that mid life crisis they all say happens at forty but in December of last year I decided to go finally see a psychiatrist for my un diagnosed yet clearly prevalent hypo-maniac behavior that was all of killing me. I was finally tired of trying to fight this demon without the help of medication that was actually prescribed to me and not one I could buy off the streets. Longer story shorter, once I was able to get my head fixed up and get me stable and I started feeling better mentally, I got this bug to start fixing myself physically.
I have always had IBS, food has always made me sic and I finally hit this wall while at work one day. It was suggested we go out to lunch, where did I want to eat to which I responded “doesn’t matter, anywhere I go is going to make me sick”. That was the beginning of the end.
Someone at church turned me on to the documentary “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” and that was pretty much it. I had tried EVERY diet and eating plan imaginable and with my fortieth birthday creeping up on me that June and my inability to eat anything without getting sick, I knew I had to do something more than “a diet” and this was going to be it.
I began with my reboot the Monday after Mothers Day in addition to taking a natural bee pollen supplement to boost my not so existing metabolism and have been going strong ever since. Typically I have a banana and almond smoothie for breakfast, a juice of some kind of 80 veggie/20 fruit blend for lunch and snack between lunch and dinner, and then make a fresh, home cooked, all natural ingredient dinner for my boys and I. I don’t eat fast food, I don’t drink soda or sugary drinks, I don’t eat bread, dairy or anything boxed or processed like lunch meat or any kind of meaty shit. I try to buy organic when I can find it in this podunk town and am buying more GMO free, hormone free meat and poultry when I can find it too.
I have never felt better in my entire life. I use to have diarrhea and headaches by 2pm every single day and I have had neither (with the exception to the occasional detox I do) since May. I have had 2 ibuprofen sitting on my desk “just in case” since May because I also suffer from migraines,and I have never needed to take them.
I recently began exercising for the first time in my life. I had said that once I began losing weight I would get out there and start moving(because I was sure I wasn’t going to lose any weight) and I have kept my word. I started by hiking in the desert with friends and then moved on to what I like to call “wogging” which is a jog/run thing. Right now we’re doing about 2 miles up and down hill which is perfect because I have signed myself up purposely for a 5k at the end of this month.
I’m not sure WHO this person I am becoming is as I have never known her. I am learning to love her as I have hated myself for most of my life and above all of it I know this is who God would want me to be. This is who He has always seen in me it has just taken me a long time to allow Him to do a work in me so that I can get here to this healthy place. I wouldn’t change it for anything, I cant imagine my life any other way.
People say their 40’s are the greatest years of their lives.. I am only 3 months in, almost 40 pounds lighter, and I’d have to say I may believe them.



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