Super Dad Saves the Day!

My eldest child works for a company that employs people with mental and physical disabilities that could otherwise not work in the general public by themselves. They do training for job interviews with the hopes that some day they will be ready to go out and get a job in the public. My daughter isn’t nearly as delayed as most of the people she works with and often times wonders what the hell she is even doing there but then with her next sentence it is pretty clear and we move on. The thing I like about what they have going on here is the fact that if she wasn’t working here she would be at home doing nothing but watching Spongebob DVDs and being unproductive which, considering she has heart disease, would probably be very harmful for her health. 

So after many years at this place she has come to the fork in the road where they are giving her an opportunity to go on a “real” job interview for a local pet store chain that has an opening for someone within the program she is in. There is one job opening and four people interviewing for it, so she is pretty nervous. I know how badly she wants to NOT work at the warehouse anymore and truth be told I have felt like it is really “dumbing her down” and that she isn’t progressing in knowledge as quickly as she is socially becoming as retarded as the people she is around all day long. I don’t mean that with any malice or judgement, it just is what it is. When you are very influential it would stand to reason that if you are surrounded by people who are mentally retarded, 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, you are more likely to become less intellectual than you are to become more wise. Whatever, I’ll shut up about that now.

Well she doesn’t drive so she tells me that she will need a ride to her 1 O’clock interview on Friday to which the first thought I have is “doesn’t she realize I have to work at that time”?? Shes pretty good about not thinking about others and staying focused on her own needs and I like to believe it isn’t because she is just selfish and doesn’t care but rather because she thinks about one thing at a time, literally. I cant even tell you how many conversations about the outfit she is going to wear to this interview we have had because she is SO occupied with it. I know that it is still hanging in her closet because she bought it weeks ago when they first told her about an interview and so she is frustrated it’s still hanging there unworn. I know that she is concerned about the shoes she should wear with the outfit and that she isn’t sure how to wear her hair, up or down. Today she asked if she should tuck her shirt in or leave it untucked? I mean, daily we talk about this outfit as I drive her to work. 

So I threw out a few names of people in our family that might be able to give her a ride in the middle of the day, to her job interview all the way across town, none of which were available much to her dismay. She gets pretty discouraged pretty easily and then the worry sets in until mom comes up with a solution to the problem. 

So, your dad hasn’t worked since God created the universe, why don’t you call him and ask him if  he would like the opportunity for you to show him what it looks like to go to a job interview while he provides you a ride to yours?  I would think he should be more available than any of us working folk, why don’t you just ask if he can take you?

It is the STRANGEST relationship in the whole world, the one between those two and I stopped trying to understand it a long time ago. I mean, how anyone can go and get married to the mother of his other two children and drive in a caravan out to Las Vegas with his family and then say there wasn’t enough room for his 10 year old daughter to come and be a part of it is just the saddest mystery to me that I will never be able to understand. For whatever reason she is always very reluctant to ask him for help in any way. The guy doesn’t have a job outside the house and hasn’t for a very long time and he is very content with letting his wife go bust her ass at work every evening while he does whatever it is he does which, judging by his facebook and instagram much of it involves getting stoned. Maybe my daughter understands that fact and that is why she doesn’t want to ask him for anything, maybe not but I am just so thankful that she, being mentally delayed is able to understand the importance of having a job and making money in order to provide for your household. I mean, it’s not rocket science but something about a person who has been labeled “mildly mentally retarded” by an array of specialist understands this concept more clearly than someone 20 years her senior and somehow SHE is the retarded one?

 Anyway, he is taking her on Friday and once again he saves the day and is just bestest daddy in the whole wide world. *barfs* I know that I don’t need to compete with him for her approval or appreciation because well, I just don’t. She is who she is and I understand her more than anyone ever will and I understand that she sort of just takes every situation one day at a time and once it’s done, doesn’t ever give it another thought. I kind of admire that about her. I wish I could do that but instead I brow beat myself into an anxiety attack over EVERYTHING. I will admit though, it is going to get under my skin a bit when I see her post something about her dear ol’ dad taking her to her job interview and not saying how in reality she let him take her so she could teach him a valuable lesson on what it means to be an adult and provider for his family by going to job interviews. Wouldn’t that be something though?


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