Your Kids Don’t Know The 80’s

This week it’s “Spirit Week” at the local high school and both my niece and nephew are building floats for the Homecoming game. There is one being constructed in our warehouse behind my office and it’s called “Back to the 80s”. I cant go into much detail about how these kids envisioned my generation until after the game on Friday night, but I can say that my sister saw lots of nostrils when she tried to advise these freshmen on the direction they should go and props they should use because for some reason these kids think they know what the 80’s looked like and they turned their noses up at her many times.

 I was born in 1973 and grew up in the 80’s and I can say with 100% surety that I never ever ever saw anyone dressed like this for school…. or anywhere other than Cindie Lauper video and there weren’t too many of those..


Now, in all fairness I will admit there was an exorbitant amount of fluorescent clothing, leggings, and leg warmers and I DO recall most women at the gym did wear headbands, leotards that went up their butts and the cut sweatshirts that hung off the shoulders thanks to Olivia Newton-John getting physical. There were “Madonna Wannabes” and the occasional freak who dressed a little like Boy George,  but what the kids are wearing today isn’t what the 80’s fashion was entirely, and it drives me absolutely bonkers that you can go to a school on an “80’s day” and see all the kiddies dressed in tutu’s and bright trashed, whatever gaudy clothing they found at a thrift store or on the clearance rack at Target.

I don’t recall EVER seeing guys dressed like total fags  idiots the way your kids dress up today. Sure they wore dolphin shorts, and by they I really mean George Michael, and their shorts were pretty high and tight. Hair was big, styles were ridiculous and everyone sort of had their own.  But when I think of guys and girls style in the 80’s, people that I looked to for fashion ideas and what was popular, this is what I recall. 



Clearly it was all over the board because it was such a strange and confusing time, but you have got to stop letting your kids and some of you need to stop yourselves from dressing like a giant fluorescent neo maxi zoom dweebie!! You are embarrassing and your children look even more ridiculous than Adam Ant and it needs to stop. The future generations need more Debbie Gibsons and Duckie Dale’s and less…. whatever it is you are allowing your kids to wear on 80’s day. 

Stop the madness. We deserve better and you shouldn’t let your children go out of the house looking like that, not ever. And that is all I have to say about that. 



One thought on “Your Kids Don’t Know The 80’s

  1. I didn’t grow up in the 80s, but I have always been attracted to the styles that came from that era–it was so unique, so vibrant, and so alluring. I completely agree with you. I feel as if people have percieved the 80s in a very different and negative light. Not once have I really seen neon, tutu skirts, and crazy colored leg warmers all mixed together when I did my research. It was a lot more different. I don’t know. It is definetely the generation gap. Maybe parents should educate their children more on what the 80s consited of stylewise.

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