My cupcakes bring all the peeps to the…whatever.

It’s almost hilarious that I am in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle in the midst of a booming cake decorating hobby but such is my life, plagued with irony and eventually it’s just easier to laugh off and move on. I wrote yesterday about feelings and such and after I released what I was feeling and felt a little better by getting it out, I would swear it was like I caught my breath and my heart rate went back to normal and then it happened. I got a phone call from a woman who was inquiring about ordering cupcakes from me on Sunday and she wanted to let me know that she was going to go another route. Now, had she left it at that (and had I not been completely pre menstrual) and had I not worked with her at the grocery store once upon a time I’m sure what she said next wouldn’t have gotten under my skin like it did. 

When I can get a dozen cupcakes from the store for $5.99 a dozen and put them in the shape of a “60” myself, I’m just going to do that instead of paying that much more for you to do it for me

As is her right of course and via my mother who was actually on the phone with me while this woman and I exchanged words, I said “and you are going to get exactly what you pay $5.99 a dozen for… machine baked, God knows when, pre frozen cupcakes that have been sitting in a box in a freezer for God knows how long, topped with some bucketed butter-cream frosting that is made not with butter at all but with shortening… more power to you!!” I seriously  hate that it bothered me that she said she was going to “go somewhere else” particularly to where I spent 18 years of my life working. And I am not bothered that I am not doing her order and I don’t care that she is going somewhere else, I hate that she made an effort to tell me all of that. I don’t understand why people feel they need to justify their decisions and freedoms to choose at any cost to the feelings or reactions of another person. That all being said (and I am beginning to see the lesson in this story unfold in my mind as I type this out, how funny) later that afternoon I received another request for some cupcakes from a woman I had baked for once before. 

She was someone I didn’t know which, I do not like baking for people I don’t know or that haven’t been recommended by someone I either do know or someone I have baked for in the past. I just don’t want to deal with “the public” because that puts me in an entirely different category that I don’t want to be in. This is as of right now, a hobby that I have that just so happens to also make me some extra money. I am not trying to win cupcake wars, I don’t want to be the next best baker, I just happen to really enjoy being able to bake amazing cupcakes and now decorate these super cool cakes for people, to charge them less than half of what something I am making would cost anywhere else, and to be able to do this all without the hassle of customers and most importantly, giving God the glory for having blessed me with such a talent. I worked in grocery all those years and was at the mercy of customers and all their drama and I simply refuse to be put into such a situation ever again, it’s not worth it to me. 

So this woman… She asks if I can make her cupcakes.. yes. She then responds with “how much are they again“? I tell her “$15 a dozen”.. She says “do you give discount if I order 4 dozen“? (blank stare)  Now, the ghetto black girl in me totally wants to fly off the handle, call this woman and ask her “now just why in the hell would there be any reason for you to get a discount? Why would you think I would give you one JUST because you order more than ONE dozen” I mean, my thoughts went sinfully bonkers for quite some time and I was SO angry all over again. I know that this woman is probably shopping around to other local bakers and that  is her right. At the same time, I have already said that I am not trying to play cupcake wars and that also means I do not want to be included in her price battle she has going on either. If she knows what I am capable of doing, what the final product tastes like and how amazing the presentation is at the end of it all, and that still isn’t good enough of a reason to pay what I charge and leave it at that, then please don’t ask me to do your order for you. (upon proofreading this before posting it, I have to say I want that to be my new slogan. Is that wrong?)

Some(read “my mother) would say that I am being harsh, unreasonable and unfair and she might have used a few other adjectives to describe me, I don’t remember because it was 530am and we were jogging down that stupid hill. I get why she would think that as a business owner herself and I guess as a functioning human being, but I guess I just don’t think that way like, at all. I feel as though this is MY ballgame and I make the rules and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to play. Probably a horrible Christian example to be and I’m beginning to think probably the reason all of this had to happen so that it could be revealed to me and I could decide how I now intend to deal with my reactions. But really, if I am not being a complete a hole about it, why cant it be the way I want it? Oh, that’s right!! Because all this time I have given God the glory for these opportunities, for this talent and for all of these cake blessings and that makes it HIS ballgame and HE makes the rules and if I don’t like it, maybe HE wont let ME play anymore? Ugh

I hate it when that happens… 

I start writing about something I don’t understand and the Lord reveals the reason for the circumstances as I am explaining it in my head out of my fingers. Well, I am not sure how to even respond to all of that. I mean, I have been very obedient in regards to not charging full market price on the cakes I make because I know how much it costs to make them and I feel like my overhead is low enough, there is NO reason I should charge so much, it’s unfair. Even as much crap as people give me for under charging I STILL refuse to budge on that and then I am put in a situation where it’s STILL too much to some and I either bend for this woman, make her happy and totally sacrifice any self worth I felt I had left or I don’t bend for her and probably get a reputation for being over priced, not willing to work with people, and whatever else she decides to gossip about me on the local groups that I am no longer a member of because I wont play by their terrible rules. 

I guess I have to go think about what I am going to do. Yesterday the thought “find out how many flavors she wants and if she is willing to just get 2, tell her you can do 4 dozen for $50” crossed my mind. Then I remembered that she called me once to do a cake for her at the last minute and wanted to do a sampling, and try like 4 different flavors first. Umm, NO??? Ugh. That is when I really just want to tell her “you know, I think you and I have completely different expectations and I honestly don’t think we should continue to do business together” (because you are cheap and taking advantage of my kindness and I am not going to let you do that anymore because I know that my product is far greater than the cheap grocery store price you are offering me, and it is offensive and rude, so just defriend me on facebook now and move on then). 

Well what do you know, she just messaged me. Guess I better go take care of this situation.


Okay. I offered her 2 flavors for $50. If she doesn’t want that, so be it. She can have whatever flavors for $60 and life will go on.. The ball is in her court now and I also apologized for ignoring her request lol. 

Being someone who wants to live a life reflecting Christ in 2013 is hard. 


2 thoughts on “My cupcakes bring all the peeps to the…whatever.

  1. The thing about putting your life in God’s hands is that you don’t always get what you’re expecting. I know that you said that you refuse to be put in the situation to deal with the public again, but if He thinks you have something to learn, then you will find yourself in those situations again and again until you figure it out.

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