I wont compete

So I caught the finale of Biggest Loser the other night totally on accident and like many others, I was blown away when skeletor came out in her pretty little dress and I was so over it I remembered why I don’t watch it and went to bed. I have a hard time with these “reality competition shows” and being a baker I get the “you should go on cupcake wars” or whatever like, more often than I like. We have become such the narcissistic society, everyone wants to be “the best” and when I got more into the “cake game” it was then I realized just how much.

I don’t want to be better than anyone, it is not my heart, intention or goal in life. I want to be MY best. With every cake, with every crunch, with every “wog” up that horrible hill and back, I want to do the best I can every time and give God the glory for giving me the ability to pull it off. Not all of what I do is even about ME because I am trying to live to please HIM (Jesus). I don’t know man. I see the competitive nature and it’s EVERYWHERE and it’s ridiculous and exhausting.


Maybe instead of trying to outdo each other we should be supporting each other. How much more beneficial to everyone would that be? Oh. But that doesn’t get ratings or likes so… Yeah.


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