Facebook Fasting and other religious nonsense

There are a little more than 7 days until Ash Wednesday and I can honestly say I feel my anxiety level build and build with each hour that passes. Last year I tried and failed but tried to completely stay off Facebook for the entire 40 days of the Lenten season. I am not Catholic at all. I just thought because of my social addiction and manic narcissism it’s really hard for me to NOT be on Facebook for any period of time. So I figure since it is such an idol in my life and not to be outdone by the CEO (Christmas and Easter Only) Christians, I will try AGAIN to battle that demon and retire my cell phone upon entering the house every day. I am even possibly thinking about disabling my account just because it is just too tempting to not sneak a peek and I really dont want to be THAT pathetically weak.

Last year when I attempted this (and failed) I had people who I didn’t even know were following me on there, coming up to me in the grocery store making sure I was okay and asking what happened? Where have you been? WHY aren’t you on Facebook anymore? You are the reason I keep my account!! I look forward to you Shannonisms every day I have missed you!! Part of me thinks it’s hilarious but it’s super sweet and humbling. I am so use to feeling like no one even knows I exist so I am always shocked when people I truly admire compliment my daily crazy. 

What do I hope to accomplish with this pseudo religious statement?

Well. I guess the simple fact that Facebook is a HUGE idol in my life and that it’s disgusting how it’s my “go to” instead of a bible or a prayer. Or maybe the fact that I am quicker to log on to Facebook to ask for prayer than to ask God Himself. It is absolutely disgusting for a Christian(read ME) to profess such a faith and have so little to do with it’s teaching. So this time I am hoping to truly have a change of heart.. a renewing of mind and a freedom from the bondage that is my cellphone, regardless of WHO I will be disappointing because lets face it, no one else died so that I wouldn’t have to right? I hope this doesn’t sound religious or boastful, I am truly not intending to. Truth be told I will probably be blogging a lot more because even though my facebook is disabled my brain never is. And I know that my not going on facebook is nothing to compare to the sacrifice Christ made for forgiveness of my internet idolatry, but I hope that in forsaking the world wide web it will cause me to be re-rooted in what I should be. Admitting I have social narcissism is hard, but I do admit it. I’m never afraid of being honest about myself and how horrible I suck as a person, I just have been feeling like my priorities SUCK. And should it take a challenge brought upon by the local pagan “works religion” institution to be brought upon me to take such a step, particularly at a time when we DO remember the sacrifice made for us by our God, what could the harm in it REALLY be?


Freedom is never a bad thing now is it?


Ignorance is bliss and you know this!! 


Anyone else up to the challenge?


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