Let me ash you something

I was going to wait until tonight to begin my facebook fast but I figure what for??  It’s only going to make it that much harder and I really hate goodbyes. It’s funny though. I seriously feel like I am walking away from a friend, err a bunch of them. Most of the people in  my life are via the internet and it’s been that way since AOL 1.0 man, I am not even kidding. I met my husband on the internet for cryin’ out loud.  I have some of the most amazing relationships with people I have only talked to through text and I know that seems crazy to some but to us it’s all very normal.

I have traveled across the United States to meet blog buddies, had blog buddies travel across the United States to meet me, and I even have gone to stay with a family I hadn’t even spent much time speaking to online, and it was like we were blood related best of friends who knew each other our entire lives when I got there!!  I cant WAIT to bring my little family out there this winter to experience that too. So in stepping back and disconnecting in order to spend that time with the one who should be my very BEST friend my very top priority, the one I should be holding in my hand (or stuffing into my bra..dont judge me) it’s all just so many emotions it’s a little overwhelming. So I didnt want to wait until sunset, lets just rip off the band aid now.

I feel the conviction of the truth that my phone is a portable little idol that I carry closer to me than my Bible. Ok, in all fairness I DO have a bible app on my phone, but I open my facebook app a thousand times more. I am about to delete that app off my phone too and that part is just crazy, but necessary. I HATE when I am faced with a situation that I know I need to be a grown up. One where I have to see it for what it is, and acknowledge it for the truth and then act on the knowledge I have seen.  Many of us know these devises are disconnecting us from the people sitting in the same room, people make jokes about it all the time!! Is it funny though? I mean really?? What is funny about ignoring the people you say you love to communicate with really, people you dont even know(sometimes). Should we make light of the fact that our families are falling apart because we are so consumed with our own little hand held worlds and that our children, who never had the opportunity to experience ANYTHING like the childhood WE had, are being transformed into these sheltered little unsocial beings caught up in whatever the internet throws at them? HOW is that something to laugh about?

I am excited that my son and hubby are being so supportive and who knows, maybe we can start a movement. Get people to act and pull their faces out of their phones. Even if it’s within our 4 walls, that is just fine with me. I am excited to see the Lord move in our home, in our hearts, our minds and our lives. We have been making healthy changes already, this is just another step in the process. I am glad that you feel like taking this journey with me. It should be interesting. 



6 thoughts on “Let me ash you something

  1. This is a great post! I haven’t been on facebook for a few months now for the same reason..i felt like i was attached to it! It actually feels really good to be without it to be honest. One of the best changes i have made recently. It was just way too much of a distraction for me. Good for you for challenging yourself! Thank you for sharing, i look forward to reading more!

  2. Great post and very inspiring! I, too, am guilty of holding my phone closer (and more) than I hold my bible… I also check fb/instagram more than my bible app! Time for change and self-discipline for me! 🙂

  3. I’d like to read the entire old testament in 40 days. I don’t want to set that as “a goal” but I thought that would be cool as I’ve never done it.

  4. You’ve traveled across the U.S. to meet blog buddies?? Never moi?! tears! Lmao.. kidding kidding.. if you ever come to Chicago, let a sistah know.. ha ha… Good luck with the whole facebook thing. I said I was giving up coffee/cappuccino and I got a cup earlier. I’m giving up chocolate and I got that too… :/ you’re much stronger than I am lol.. see ya soon!

  5. Sometimes, I leave FB for a day or even two when family stuff demands it. I do struggle with staying away from IG. I also wonder what it would be like to just rest for 40 days; rest from the social media and television. Rest from trying to rescue everybody from their drama or really helping them through a health crisis. We have friends who take an entire weekend to stay home and do nothing. She says it’s better than a vacation. Granted, they have no children. However, they both deal with a lot of people; her in the health field, he in public service. I can’t imagine being able to do that. My Lent is looking like this: continue living to the best of my ability while allowing Jesus to abide in me, through me…Rich and I love to read a lot of Bible studies through Andrew Farley, Steve McVey, John and Stasi Eldredge and have our Bibles opened up to read for ourselves. During this time, I endeavor to be an open book for the gospel to shine through. We’ve read (seperately) the OT. Enjoy that! I love you bunches, Shannon. You’re a fabulous, beautiful spirit.

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