Using your sickness

I would really love it if someone would call my psychiatrist and let him know I wont be making my appointment today because as most bipolar victims to, I have manically overspent and haven’t $30 to give them for his 5 minutes of time. Isn’t that a ridiculous amount of money? Thirty dollars for FIVE, and I am not even exaggerating, five minutes of his time. 3 of which he has to look at my chart to even remember who I am and why I am there because after nearly a year of tri-monthly visits he hasn’t a clue who I am. I guess that’s alright really I mean, if he was familiar with me that would mean I was probably very very mental and he was making a killing off of me with the ridiculous co-pays I have to hand over. So YAY for me.

I really don’t want to call them though, mostly because I am afraid I am going to be penalized for not giving them 24 hours notice in advance to cancel due to not having money so then the next time I go I’d have to pay $60. I think that’s absolute crap by the way. I also don’t want to tell them I don’t have money 3 days after payday because they may assume it was because I overspent in an irresponsible way due to being hypo-manic and truthfully I don’t know if that is the case. I just very recently paid off my car so the burden of debt I’m no longer bogged down with. I really think I just got a little frivolous with the extra cash on hand, it happens. Of course, telling them it was in some hypo-manic imbalance may make the situation a bit more forgivable. 

Do I go there?

Do I use my sickness as an excuse for my behavior even though I secretly(and not so secretly because I’m blogging about it) know I wasn’t hypo-manic at all, I was just being a covetous sinner??? The risk I face is them assuming I’m on one and them making me come in for a free-valuation this time. Oy. I am going to go for it. Like when women use their cleavage to get out of speeding tickets. Lets just hope my lame excuses are as accepted as my amazing bewbs. 


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