Best under pressure

So far this week is going craptacularly. I was positive today was going to be a disaster but something amazing happened. It was as if “something” was two steps ahead of me paving the way for it all to go so smoothly.

I woke up an hour and a half late this morning and when I realized what time it was, I pretty much threw in the towel and was sure I wasn’t even going to TRY to get moving quickly. 

I walked into the kitchen to see the bomb from last night still exploded in a million dishes all over the place. At least he made coffee.

I realized there was NO time to listen to my morning sermon or make my lunch but I have like, NO money so I either had to take the time to make it or go hungry all day. I cleared a spot to cut up all my veggies and made my banana smoothie and tried to work around the sink filled with dishes but it was driving me bonkers so I attacked it. 

Lunch made, dishes washed, other dishes in the dishwasher, sinks and counters bleach bombed crap… no time for a shower. Now what? A roll and go? Heck no. I need to wash my hair, oh my god it’s so dirty!!! Screw it. I’m taking a shower that’s disgusting I don’t even care if i’m late.. I’m already late why stop now.. 

Shower taken in record time and I feel amazing. Oh but this dirty head of hair. Blehh  I can feel amazing, thin and look great but if my hair is a mess I feel like an ogre. Tried to pull it up.. nope. That’s not happening. I don’t know what happened next but somehow the dirty hair worked to my advantage because the curls and waves in it looked so amazing I was able to wear it down and it all fell into place perfectly… go figure.That like, never happens. 

Somehow I was able to get my lunch made, my kitchen cleaned, shower, primp, make my bed, make some breakfast for my son and get out the door before my daughter blew up my phone asking if I was on my way yet.. I know that they say there is an entire other dimension of things happening around us that we are completely unaware of. That whole “good vs evil” battle happening all around us and I can imagine one spirit trying to get in my way and ruin my morning and another kicking it’s ass and paving the way for my day to go smoothly… I appreciate them for that. 

I really wanted to be irritated with the man for not helping out this morning but if his morning was anything like mine, I’d have to guess he woke up late and the little jerks were able to put potholes in his entire morning, unlike mine. What is really crazy about all of this, IF in fact it really happened this way is,  that I would believe as a Christian, that the angels around us sent from God Himself were the reason everything went so smoothly and people would think I am a wacked out nutjob (for reasons other than my being bipolar). Now, if I was some spiritual outer limits cosmic Silvia Brown believing freak, my assumptions about angels paving my way today would be greatly accepted and make TOTAL sense. 




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