Because Jesus loves puppies too

ImageWe adopted this adorable girl a week ago Wednesday. A week ago tomorrow she would have been at her complimentary visit to the vet where they would tell us she had parvo that she more than likely had contracted prior to being vaccinated at our local shelter. “They had given you a sick dog” they said. Our initial feeling was to take her to another shelter and let her be their problem because we had to protect our own son from having to lose another puppy to parvo and our shelter was closed until Monday. So conflicted I was mad at God for allowing us to have this happen again when there were so many opportunities for other people to adopt this precious puppy two of which, were ahead of us on the list of hopefuls. The shelter lady told us that the first people came and decided to adopt a different dog. The second people came and said they were going to adopt her, they went up front to pay and left and never came back. TWO other chances for this dog to go to another home and because we had been praying that The Lord be in control and that He not let us adopt a dog if it wasn’t safe enough we could not figure out why this was happening. We had taken all the precautions we possibly could and educated ourselves on this horrible virus after having to make such a decision about little Hunter. Our son even asked God in his prayers that if it was HIS will, He let us get her and he understood that if it wasn’t the right time we were trusting that The Lord would let her go to another home, but she didn’t. The only reason we were so persistent on this particular dog was because she is a “bird dog”. She is a Brittany Spaniel and she was perfect for training her up to retrieve birds for our son who is an aspiring hunter without a good bird dog. In the back of my mind I knew it was probably too soon to get a dog especially one this young and even though we had bleach bombed our entire yard to the point where our neighbors were coming out asking what in the hell we were spraying because the fumes were that strong, I hoped it was enough and if it wasn’t, someone else would adopt that dog first. That didn’t happen!!

I cried and yelled at God in my head “WHY would you let us go through this AGAIN”!! Oh my God, seriously?? I tried to disconnect myself from the feelings I had about this puppy being a blessing to us because it had only been 48 hours and I wanted to believe it wasn’t even long enough for me to love her. We will just take her to the other shelter tomorrow and let her be their problem. Was our thinking over and over and even though it felt HORRIBLE to even think about, my husband was determined to not let us be broken apart again over an animal. He was affected in such a way over Hunter that he was even surprised it hurt so bad and he was not about to go through that again. So conflicted about how cruel it was to dump her off and turn our back on her I said “well what if we at least TRY to nurse her back to health or at least keep her comfortable over the weekend and see what happens come Monday”? and that is exactly what we did. Not sure that it would even work, not sure if it would totally be in vain and we would be sacrificing our time, energy and weekend to devote to helping this helpless little girl either beat this virus or at least be comfortable until she is put out of her misery, we went out and bought the necessities we had read we should have.

Hourly we forced her to drink broth and pedia-lite. I made her “chicken smoothies” and rice and she licked it here and there but wasnt interested much. So we just kept with the hydration as we had read that was the most important thing. Keep in mind, this dog had no signs of even having parvo. The day we got her, she had some nasty poop that smelled like death and the first morning she awoke she vomited one time, some bile and I attributed it to nervousness or maybe the treats they sent home upset her tummy, but I kept an eye on her. She played with our mini Chihuahua all day long, they rough housed and napped but when she woke up Friday morning and wouldn’t eat her breakfast I was concerned so that’s why we took her in.  We set alarms and woke up hourly all night long to take her to the kitchen to drink more electrolytes and I swear I was up all night praying healing over this dog, begging Jesus to let that virus leave her body and let her live. As stupid as I felt claiming healing over this puppy, that the healing blood of Jesus would just be poured out over this little dog and that she would be restored to her healthy self, I did it anyway. All night long, with every snore I heard her breathe( she totally snores, it’s funny) I would awake and pray over her. 7am came too quickly. We let her out of her crate and led her to the bathroom where her puppy pads were, hoping she was hydrated enough to go potty.

After a short amount of time, her yelping let us know she was ready to get out of there, and she emerged out of that bathroom like a bat out of hell jumping on everyone, licking our toes, smiling from ear to ear in pure delight. This puppy  was literally doing a happy dance jumping from one sofa to the other and running around the house as if to say “thank you thank you, I feel soooooooooo much better” my husband and I stood in the kitchen in shock and just looked at each other in total disbelief. We didn’t even know what to think. After I picked my mouth up off the floor, I cried. Out of complete confusion and probably some exhaustion, I cried. “Could God have really healed this puppy“? I mean, of course He could have. But did He? I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I did want to believe He had healed our little Brittany and I do know that there is nothing too big or in this case, too little and trivial for the Creator of the universe and all that is in it, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up only to find out she would be dead in 24 hours anyway.

We continued with the liquid and broth every hour and I made her some scrambled eggs and she began eating and functioning like a normal puppy the rest of the day. She was urinating normally, drinking water on her own, this puppy wasn’t sick and dying of Parvo, this puppy was healed! Our plan for that Saturday was to go to the local vet supply and inquire about some organic remedies for her and when we told them the story of what had happened the last 24 hours, they said to wait on spending all that money on anything. “Wait and see if anything changes but if she is wagging her tail and acting like you say, I would have to guess she is going to be just fine.”  We took her advise and left there with the highest of hopes and when we got home, there was the same happy healthy puppy that we saw when we left that morning and almost a week later she is the same healthy little pup. Of course, I am a complete paranoid mess worrying about every sneeze(she has allergies we have to see the vet for). I examine every piece of poo that comes out of her, I make all her food and monitor how much she is eating, when she pees, how often, I mean it’s ridiculous. Image

I do not doubt God can do all things for His purpose, His glory and our good because He loves us so much. Looking back on that weekend now, and I swear it feels like it’s been the longest week ever, I feel like because my son was so sad about losing his Hunter dog, The Lord allowed this situation to happen so that his faith could be restored to what it was before. He knows that God healed this puppy, there is just no other explanation for what has happened and when I called the vet today to let them know what had happened, I am not even kidding when I say the reaction from the voice on the other end was “uuhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhh. Really”?? Yes, Really. Suggesting their test was wrong or that they misdiagnosed her is very unlikely according to every website I spent hours researching in my faithless moments. The only other thing and truly, the ONLY reason this is even possible is God. Call me crazy but apparently this virus is no joke, and it would have to be “an act of God for a puppy to survive it” and guess what…. That is exactly what we believe happened and as a result of that, our sons faith has been restored and he is blown away by what he saw happen last weekend and he knows that Jesus healed his puppy. He gave her a second chance and the strength to overcome this virus as an answer to so many prayers, particularly the ones coming from our little guy.

But God… When you just don’t get it “But God” is really the best explanation. I have never witnessed anything like this before and chances are I may never again and that is okay too. In the end we have witnessed so much through all of this experience, even with the way that our son was able to deal with the passing of Hunter, watching God comfort him and seeing his reaction be exactly how we had prayed it would, these things don’t just happen by chance. They aren’t a coincidence. They are God breathed and for that I am thankful.


One thought on “Because Jesus loves puppies too

  1. What a great post! You guys are truly amazing for sticking with that puppy. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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