Dear State of California

I’m starting to notice a pattern with our 11 year old son where he miraculously remembers on Monday’s while I am getting ready for work, that he “forgot to give you something”. It’s not always bad news,I mean I can recall only a few times it was a bad grade that needed to be written off but usually it’s something we need to sign that he genuinely forgot about. So this morning when I heard him mutter the words “oh I forgot to give you something” I teased him about conveniently forgetting but he wasn’t amused. Once I began to read the letter, it occurred to me why he really forgot to give me this particular paper from school and I tried to keep my composure as to not make the situation any more awkward than it need be.

To paraphrase, the letter went something like this:

Dear parents,

The State of California has given our public schools the responsibility to educate our students about various aspects of their health, including exercise, human body systems, and the changes that occur during puberty. 

Allow me to stop right there to clarify something before I start clarifying something else. I completely understand as a parent and as a Christian living in America and hell, I will even go so far as to say as a human being with a brain, that I have freedoms and rights to feeling certain ways about certain things that I experience along the path of life. And when I put my son in public school I understand that it means “secular” and that it will have little to no Christian influence or teaching happening. I also know that there will be life experiences my son will be exposed to that I wont particularly like or agree with and it is our job as parents to teach him and guide him in the ways of The Lord as we are called to. It’s up to us to raise him to be respectful of others and obedient to his elders and to be himself and to not try to go with the flow or go against what his little convictions are. All that to say, 


The letter goes on to say (again paraphrased)

we will be conducting Human Growth Classes that will help students understand basic biology involved in reproduction. We will help the students understand the changes beginning to happen to them as they approach puberty and that they will help their students to “appreciate the importance of making wise and responsible decisions with regards to their behaviors” 


There is absolutely nothing that could make me sit back and allow the opinions or suggestions of the state mandated public school system so much as whisper what they think making wise and responsible decisions regarding our sons behavior regarding his body and puberty and feelings are. It almost makes me want to vomit even imagining where there guidelines come from and what the content could possibly be. More disturbing is that there will be so many parents who will have NO idea that this is even happening and or they wont care and they will blindly let the public school system and the state of California indoctrinate their children in this manner.

They are going to divide the girls and the boys into different classrooms and only address each gender relevant topics in each class. They will watch a video that covers “the material” and they will end the session indoctrination  by allowing the students to write out questions anonymously for the teachers to sort through and choose those which seem appropriate to be covered. 

Um.. What are the guidelines set forth regarding what is appropriate and what isn’t? “Graphic questions will not be covered or will be referred to discussions with parentsOOH!!! Well now THERE is an idea!!! How about leave ALL OF THESE DISCUSSIONS WITH THE PARENTS,emphasis on  PARENTS. And before you go blasting me about the pitiful fact that “not all parents are involved” or that “not all parents will talk to them about these things” and all the other excuses our society will make for people who should probably have never had any children if they weren’t interested in their upbringing, I get that. I do. And because we live in such a sad sad world where there are people who couldn’t be bothered to educate their children about such things that are, IN MY OPINION, not the responsibility of the state or the public school system to teach them, it trips me out even to this day that we live in a society that accepts anything but responsibility and accountability. We have NO problem letting the responsibility fall on someone else for almost anything up to and including raising our children and because “the schools have always done this” well, that just makes it all okay. Really? What makes it okay? Why is it okay to give the school the responsibility to teach our children about their bodies, their sexuality and the array of topics that will start getting their little minds spinning. I mean, in all fairness GOD has no place in the schools and there is no tolerance for speaking of Him there but lets teach the kiddies about sex, yes? We started talking to our son when his feet started to stink because we knew things were a changin’ and maybe we are an exception to the norm, I don’t know but this whole stupid thing MORTIFIES me as a mom and pre pubescent boy child isn’t too thrilled about it either. 

The school is allowing parents to view the film a few days before they show it to the kids and they will be answering questions and they encourage parents to come which I appreciate the heads up. They promise, “as always, to be professional and help our children to become comfortable with themselves as people undergoing many life changes” and again my response to that is “Oh no you wont” because there is nothing they can say that would make ME comfortable with any of them helping my child become comfortable with himself as he begins to grow into a little man, that’s what his dad is for, that’s what parents do, it’s our job not yours. And I know that this is one of the risks I take with keeping our son in public school, I do. I also know that with the changing of the ages and the things that are becoming acceptable and normal in the lives of these young boys and girls, I am not okay with sitting back and being okay. I am thankful we aren’t being forced to allow him into this class and although we haven’t decided whether or not to allow it because we haven’t seen the film and he isn’t sure what he wants to do yet, I cant help but wonder how long it will be before they pass a law saying it is a requirement and parents have no say and they don’t get to preview or ask questions or advise against it. The more and more parents that aren’t involved with their kids and the longer we keep nuts like Moonbeam in a position to make these ridiculous standards for our schools, the sooner this will all become a reality and that is just sad.



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