Those things I say about the things you do…or don’t

I am struggling with the thoughts I have regarding serving people, and those people sucking. I know that you cant be a humble servant and want to bless people with your talents and time and then turn the other cheek and be bitter about it, I mean, unless you’re a two face. Yet, I am feeling (ut oh) so frustrated lately when I am going out of my way or sticking my neck out or burning my candle out on both ends for people, who only either see the fault in what I’ve done for them or just flat out don’t appreciate anything I’ve done at all. I’ve been on this earth long enough to understand that I have NO control over the actions or manners of others and that my gratitude for blessings that I receive and the way in which I express them, more than likely will be NOTHING like the gratitude someone may show me, and so I should probably NEVER expect it. I also probably shouldn’t be pissed off at people for not being grateful, it’s not a reflection of me at all it’s sadly a reflection of them and that’s not my problem at the end of the day. My expectations are apparently too high.. 

But would it really be so hard for a M*(&#))( F*#)@(*)(& to say “Thank You” once in a while?


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