In my forties

I guess once you get past the first year of a new decade in life you would then officially be “in your (enter decade here)” After having crossed the 365 days of my 40th year of life and into the first day of my 41st year, I can say I am officially “in my forties”. Gosh that seems like it should sound so old to me for some reason but being IN it, it really doesn’t. I’m sure to youngsters it might and I remember making my mom a grandmother at 36 and thinking that wasn’t too young to be a granny and now I know if my daughter had returned the favor I’d have been mortified. Who am I kidding, I would be mortified now if I became a granny at 41, god I am such a jerk sometimes. 

My 40th year was an amazing one. I started this new blog. I lost 40 pounds and began taking care of myself for a change. Got proper care and treatment for my freshly diagnosed bipolar disorder instead of self medicating for the first time in my life. I avoided any manic attacks, mended relationships that were once broken and even sent my horrible step daughter a bag of Doritos I knew she would love, and if that isn’t growth, I don’t know what is. I’ve shrunken in areas I’ve wanted to and grown in others and things look pretty bright in the immediate horizon. Anything can happen at this point and really, I am ready for it.


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