Your body is healthy, it’s your mind that’s sick

Well yesterday was my appointment with the holistic doctor and I have to say the entire 2 hour wait I was sweating bullets. Not because I was afraid of what I was going to find out because I’m pretty sick of feeling sick. And it wasnt because I was nervous about this type of medicine because lets face it, modern medicine has failed me my entire life. Going to an MD for any of these symptoms would put me back a good few years addicted to pain meds and having liver failure, I have no doubt that’s what would happen. I was nervous because I was the only non Spanish speaking person in that office that looked like a dressed up pharmacia crossed with BJ’s Health Food or GNC. It was so very intimidating. I was afraid I would look like an idiot when they called my name and asked me questions and looking more Mexican than I am, not being able to communicate with them in front of all those people was mortifying. Lucky for me the doctor spoke really good English, as she read me my results that were in Spanish. oy.

I went in there and told them nothing.

I let them know I was there for a 3:20 appointment, I was about 10 minutes early thinking I’d have paperwork to fill out. Only to find out all I had to do was write my name, birth date and telephone number on a piece of paper when the woman called me over to take the photo of my iris. A couple hours later the doctor came out and invited me into her office where she proceeded to tell me everything that my body was doing, almost to the T. Having NO information from me, no medical records of any kind, my iris was able to tell her about my aching joints, my headaches, my swelling ankles, numbing hands and fingers, fatty liver, issues with my reproductive organs, mood swings, bowel issues I mean, it was the most interestingly disturbing experience I have had in a very long time.Once she got to the end of her interview, she wanted to know

Why are you here” “You are generally a healthy person. None of these ailments that have shown up are “in the red”. Not to be confused with being completely perfect, but there isn’t much here indicating that your body is in danger. Everything can be prevented and improved at this point. But I do have some concerns about your mental health. That is the one area of the iris that shows the area of the brain that detects the instability in your moods, particularly with depression. The side of your brain that is healthy and sends off good feelings, attitudes and emotions is healthy! The other side is distressed. What is that about”?

I went down her list of what I could remember specifically she was reading, as it was in Spanish and I cant read it much more than I can understand it, and told her where the amazing accuracies consisted in her report. One by one I was amazed that I could confirm to her that her findings were correct and then when I got the the cherry on top, the root of my issues, she breathed a sigh of relief when I told her ” I have bipolar disorder”.  She brought us to the conclusion that the majority of my feeling chronic pain, exhaustion, ability to concentrate, irrationality, stress, all of it was probably not because I had Lupus or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but basically because of the chemical imbalance in my brain. She went on to tell me about this homeopathic lithium which would replace the pharma Lamictal I am taking now, to which I told her I’d like to do research of my own and also speak to my psychatrist about all of this, just to be sure it’s safe let alone SANE, omg haha.

Very interesting stuff. I like that there are more options than there were when my gramme was my age and just ended up in ward B receiving electric therapy and whatever. It’s all a part of the healing process and being able to figure out how to deal with these genetic deformations in our blood line and logging it all, should it be carried on through my grand kids (if I ever have them) hopefully this will be something that their parents can take along with them to help lead their children into safer ways of living with this disease of the mind. Perhaps I’ve found my purpose. Well, one small part of it anyway. 



2 thoughts on “Your body is healthy, it’s your mind that’s sick

  1. Hopefully this will be the start of you starting to feel better – even if it’s just feeling better about what’s wrong, and knowing that there’s hope to make it better. That’s totally cool that she figured out so much just from a photo of your iris! Good luck with everything!

  2. and that is exactly how I feel about it.. Move forward and learn. xoxo PS I’m bringing the family out for Christmas vacation. We have a car, cash and no plans if you’d like to have a meal or something.. just throwing it out there.

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