Truth be told…

.I was much happier when I was fat and didn’t give a crap what anyone thought because no one paid me any attention. No one was concerned about that burger I was eating, no one noticed if I walked into the room and no one cared what I was doing to myself. I enjoyed “sitting in my own fat” as i would call it. I enjoyed wearing clothes that I didn’t have to give much thought about and could grab one off the rack, take it home and knew it would fit.

I liked being able to eat whatever I wanted and not care if i was going to be sick for it later. I liked not knowing how much I weighed and not caring what I looked like in the mirror. I liked the “diabetic coma” I would almost go in to at Easter and Halloween. I liked bacon. I liked being irresponsible with myself I guess and I’m sure at some level it’s probably a few of the “seven”, but I didn’t care and now I do and it’s f*ckin ridiculous how miserable I feel.

that’s all i want to say about that


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