We are entering into the season of Advent and the Christmas songs are already on the Christian radio station we listen to at work. The welling up with emotion has already happened several times in my first hour of work, and then the sick reality of the season hits me like bricks and I remember that I have to buy STUFF.

I have a serious love hate feeling about this time of year. I love to decorate, but I hate all the jingle bell clutter that decorating entails. I love that the gift of salvation was given to us from God Himself and yet, all anyone wants to know is “what do you want for Christmas”. I thought that we would be able to leave on Vacation and avoid all that mess but since we’re not flying out until AFTER all that mess happens, it would appear I’m not able to avoid anything. The pressure to buy THINGS for people who have everything makes me feel physically sick. It’s about the only time of the year I am happy I don’t have a bunch of friends that I am tight with because I know I wont have to stress about what I’m going to give them for Christmas.

One year I made all these things I saw on Pinterest and I’m almost positive everyone either threw them away or gave them to someone they don’t care too much for. Someone said that her budget was so tight this year that she wanted to make homemade goodies for her friends and I was SO excited with the notion. I told her that I could bet people on the receiving end of her gesture would remember a delicious cookie that she made them before they remembered some other whatever they got from her. She laughed. I was serious.

Lord help me to not be a giant Grinch and let the people around me…. Oh I don’t even know. Let them bake me cookies.


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