Freak out!

There isn’t much time until my “Fastbook” (Facebook fast) and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t kind of freaking out. This is seriously a problem for me, and maybe on some pathetic level I am a social media addict. Is there such a thing?

I know “they say” people with addictive personalities usually go from one addiction to another, which is really kind of comforting to me because I have consistently been active on the Internet since AOL 1.8 . Clearly there isn’t a problem there 😜.

I keep stressing and dwelling about the things I am going to do “instead” of checking my Facebook. Like, when I wake up in the morning after I read the daily devotional on my phone and I have to use the bathroom. What am I going to read instead? When I’m sitting on the couch watching tv with the boys, when I get bored with whatever it is they are watching, what am I going to do instead? When everyone is going on with their lives and posting it all on facebook, how am I going to be able to keep up with it? How am I going to know if something happens? Someone dies? Someone is hurt or blessed? What am I going to do with myself!?!?!


I know most of my anxiety comes from being so habitual in my daily life. I mean, I might just have to use my brain and come up with something productive and completely different than my usual routine and that is really putting a lot of stress on me, silly as it sounds. There is a method to my madness, just as their is with anyone else. And I have made a decision to reformat it and I am really freaking out about it.



2 thoughts on “Freak out!

  1. The fact is ….you are given up something that is very important to you. Isn’t that the reason for selecting Facebook as your sacrifice for Lent? I think you will find plenty of other things to occupy your mind. You can do this…it takes 3 weeks to really break a habit and you will be so happy and proud of yourself.

  2. Is it 3 weeks? I wasn’t sure I was thinking 2. I cant believe how stressed I am about it, it’s so stupid. I know it will be good and beneficial. It will certainly be an interesting first week though.

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