Presidents Day

Shortly after Christmas dinner, the three of us left for the East Coast for a 3 week break from life. We visited some of my blog buddies in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Maryland and in between visited Washington DC for a good week. I had gone once before when I was my sons age forever ago and I must say, the experience I had then and the one now at 41 were nothing alike. After having visited the south and some Civil War Battlefields and learning so much history about the war, most of which I had never even known, when we got to DC and walked down the street to the Ford Theater, I had a feeling that Abraham Lincoln was going to be a huge influence in that experience.


Our son did the audio tour, even though we secretly wished he would have wanted to read every single artifact(kids these days), and I watched him go to each station and sit and listen to the narratives. He would stop and ask questions, mess around with statues(the kid brought a selfie stick if that gives an idea of his messing around) and he would always call me over to see the weapons and ammo. We walked across the street to the death place of Mr Lincoln and like all great experiences, we made the exit through the gift shop.

It rained that day and through the night but when we woke up the next day and saw not a single cloud in the sky, we practically ran to the National Mall which was withing walking distance of our hotel, and up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to get pictures with the amazing morning sunlight.


I can honestly say that I was at a loss for words while I was there, and not because they tell you to be quiet and respectful either. Reading the words on the marble walls of his second inaugural speech had actually brought me to tears at one point. What a horribly confusing time for not only the people in our country but for the leader of it. It sickens me as an adult to understand that we were fighting against ourselves, regardless of the reasons. It made me really think about this mans position which I can imagine was even worse than what Obama may be in today. How horrible it must have been to have to stand in the gap between two opposing forces that were divided over something so disgusting. To even consider that people are still so vile to this day about each other just tears at the core.


So in keeping with the spirit of Lincoln the boys had the day off and went out to Calico Ghost Town for their annual Civil War Reenactment that I dread every year.  This year I feel a bit differently about it and would have probably kind of enjoyed being able to experience it again through a new perspective, but I chose to work instead because in all honesty, I REALLY hate going out there. I have a greater appreciation for this holiday after having a better understanding of the trials and tribulations our greatest leaders of the first world had to experience. Our American history is something that should be important, and I had never considered that before this winter. I suppose it’s because I’m an old lady now, and that’s alright. I am however, thankful for the new found appreciation our son has for our founding fathers that he would have probably not had if we hadn’t gone on vacation. Gives me a bit of hope that the future generation, at least in our family, wont completely forget about the history of this country.

Maybe we should let him learn about Pearl Harbor next….


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