Things are getting too serious around here and that needs to change because if you saw me in real life and never read this blog, you probably wouldn’t know how ridiculous life is for us right now. So with that, lets talk about mayonnaise.

Today I made my son a wrap for his lunch and put a bit of mayo on the tortilla and chucked the spoon in the sink. When I came back, I noticed the filthy gunked up drain was clean where the mayonnaise had splatted on it. Tripped me out a bit so I got another spoon and globbed more mayonnaise on half the drain and left it while I got ready for work.

I had my son come with me to check it out before we left and this is what we saw.


I know, my drain is friggin disgusting why didn’t I clean it with mayonnaise a long time ago, right? My son was pretty amazed and was regretful that we hadn’t done his 6th grade science project on the effects of cleaning with mayonnaise and was really excited with the outcome of MY little experiment. I suppose it’s “just the vinegar” that does this to the brass drain but I am really going to have to reconsider putting mayo on my sons wraps ever again. I will, however, use it from now on to keep the drain clean.



2 thoughts on “Three

  1. That is interesting……wonder if you should just try vinegar first to see if it does the same thing? I use vinegar and Dawn liquid dish soap to clean my bathroom and other places. It smells so good too.

    • I use to always use that mix But James didn’t like the vinegar smell so now I use Meyers Clean Day lemon verbena. I am going to try to soak it in vinegar and see what happens tho

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