Six (point one)

The unspoken truth about women and seeing a doctor for a physical is that we stress more about our hygiene and appearance now more than probably any other event. i would even go so far to say that I bet women spend more time grooming the day they see their gynecologist than their wedding day. Someone tell me I’m wrong….

I have an even more ridiculous dread about exams and that is because I absolutely abhor my armpits. I have been dreading the moment I have to let this doctor examine mine because of the auxiliary node lump that has brought this appointment to life. I spent a good part of the morning in front of the mirror making sure there isn’t a single straggler pit hair this woman might see during the exam. I have been exfoliating my poor pits for days and trying to make sure there is nothing there that I would look at in sheer horror. I hope that I have succeeded and I do not plan on looking at this woman the moment she examines the lump. Not just because I want to miss her expression should it be concern but because I imagine if I were her and I had to examine a lump on an armpit I would barf.

Guess it’s about that time then


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