Today I discovered a photo editing app that I wish I hadn’t.


Apparently, unbeknownst to me, there are these “celebrities” who use this app to make themselves look so perfect on social media. I know right? I was shocked too!! So I made the biggest mistake and went and played around with it. First let me say that I in NO means think I look perfect in either one of those pictures above. I think what really frightened me is having the ability to thin out my face, raise my cheekbones, change the shape of my nose and make my face look completely flawless and then post it on social media or get prints if I am so vain, giving the impression that THIS is what I  really look like. Not only that, but to be able to make these changes to my face only to flip back to the original and be like “crap. THAT’S what I really look like”?? As if to suggest God made some genetic mistake with my face because look at what this amazingly terrible app makes me look like!

I’m not going to lie, it was pretty fun after the initial shock and conviction of feeling like a TOTAL LIAR went away. I don’t know that I could honestly post a photo of myself after having changed features like that and be all “yeah, this is me. I’m 41 and flawless, and what”? Then I got really mad at these girls for not just being real and posting what they look like without having altered the photos, and then I got really mad at myself for being so naive and believing that they don’t alter their own photos in the first place!!  Way too many feelings for a Friday afternoon that I am just not prepared to deal with. I have cakes to decorate and a sore throat to nurse back to health.

I hope that every young girl read Perez Hilton today while they were suppose to be working and found out that these girls don’t look like that naturally, even if it is on Instagram. Bitches got creative and used apps to make themselves up like that and we were all ridiculous to imagine otherwise. Ok. Maybe I’m the only one who didn’t think they could photoshop instagram photos, I’m okay with that too. I have gotten a lot more trusting and naive as I have gotten older, there is no fixing that. It is what it is and it beats dementia.


3 thoughts on “Ten

  1. I applaud your ability to state the truth about beauty. In a society where you must fix this and that to be perfect. It seems media is trying to make it even harder for one to reach perfection. One day women will wake up and realize it doesn’t exist. While I’m a beauty blogger myself, I deal with real skin issues and show the truth about the products that I use and review.
    I really enjoyed your post.

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