The number of hours I stood non stop creating food art for friends.

This one was for a tiny dancer who turned 7. She came to pick it up with her dad this morning and she was so shy and cute.


These cupcakes, cake and cookies are for a girl who is having some sort of “vintage strawberry themed”bridal shower.


It always trips me out much people like to get for their presentation at their party. I enjoy making it all, with the exception of cake pops, I hate making them and have gotten to the point where I have no issue declining making them.  Sugar cookies are in a close second.


I don’t have a steady enough hand to do these things and the art that people can create with cookies is SO impressive! I wish I ccould do it, I just don’t have the hands. Oh well.

When I started doing all this I started with cupcakes because I never knew I was a “cake decorator”.


With all the detail and expectations that now come with cupcakes I would say they are my third least favorite thing to create now. It’s just very time consuming and while I know that is part of the business and I am thankful for every opportunity I have to use this God given gift, I was reminded this weekend that if I don’t plan ahead and work on all these little details ahead of time, I will be on my feet 12 hours in a day making up for lost time. It didn’t help that I brought a stupid head cold home from me when I left the doctors office on Mondat either. With that being said, I’m going to make myself a hot toddy and take a nap while the boys are at church!

Enjoy your Sunday!!


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