things I’m thankful for even though I’ve contracted a plague from the doctors office when I went last week and feel a little like garbage. In no particular order;

  1. being able to bring my sparoom diffuser filled with onguard and eucalyptus oils to work to help me breathe
  2. having a job that allows me the luxury of sipping hot tea and breathing in essential oils while I work
  3. my boss sending me to Joann’s Fabrics to find him something and being able to purchase my supplies for this weeks cake orders instead of being in the office spreading my germs.
  4. the In-N-Out burger I picked up for us to have when I got back, even though I couldn’t really taste it.
  5. my husbands many hot toddy’s he made me yesterday that allowed me to get much needed rest
  6. my father feeling compelled to pay the exact amount of rent we planned on asking of him before we had to ask for it
  7. daily text messages from Samantha that always seem to come at the best of times
  8. our rescue pup Brittany sleeping next to me when the boys were all at church yesterday as if she knew mom was sick
  9. the woman at Joann’s who gave me her 40% off coupon because she didn’t need it
  10. my grammy calling me this afternoon indicating she is on a manic incline
  11. Gods blessings on our finances and our obedience to be good stewards of His blessings
  12. the Chinese edited version of 50SOG that I watched yesterday online and confirmed Christian Grey is an abuser and any woman desiring that kind of relationship I should not be friends with because they are clearly sick. (tisk)
  13. my son telling me he loves me before he exits my car every morning when I drop him off at school.

2 thoughts on “Thirteen

    • Thank you! I’m getting there. I ended up sleeping with a cough drop in my mouth because my throat was hurting and I kept coughing, it was super annoying.

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