A Disciple's Thoughts on Discipleship

1-Does the accuracy of the Gospel matter to you?

Limited Grace 1Do you believe that God sent Jesus to die in order to save everyone from their sins? If yes, then if most go to hell, does it mean that Jesus’ death did not accomplish God’s purpose through the death of His Son? If we say they chose to go to heaven or hell, then do you believe the Potter molds the clay only as the clay directs Him (Rom 9.20-23)? On the other hand, do you believe, as the Calvinist endorse, “The atonement Christ made for the sins of His people was limited in purpose; not in its value… for it was designed for the elect of God… ‘to save His people from their sins’ (Mt. 1.21)” ( In other words, do you believe God’s grace is limited to providing salvation only for those who were predetermined to be His…

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