It’s springing

Spent  some time outside kickin it with my chicks this evening while the sun went down and it got too hot to finish baking my cakes for this weeks orders.


After the initial resistance to us picking them up from their habitat, they remember how much they enjoy picking the desert ground. I can sit there and watch them for hours. Of course today I watched them to make sure they didn’t end up on the wrong side of this nonsense.


The boys found this crazy pellet gun at a yard sale this weekend that they just HAD to play with. The little boy shoots trap with the Jr. Gun Club, is a Jr NRA member, and hunts pheasant, turkey, quail and duck so this is just one of the joys of having a son I guess.

Before I came inside to finish baking since the sun had cleared the back of the house,  I caught this vision out of the corner of my eye and had to capture the moment.


Sometimes you really have to pay attention when you’re looking for the beauty in this sandy brown California desert. It’s there. It’s all around in places you would never expect to catch it and Lord knows I’m always up to finding it. And when I do you can always bet I will post it somewhere to share with whoever might need to see it because I care. 😜

Oh man I’m so tired. That lost hour is killing me. I’m going to bed once my cakes cool, this is ridiculous.


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