Twenty One

I had this blog written already for this 21st day of Lent,  about the way I spent my 21st birthday and the people I spent it with.  And that all became irrelevant and I realized just how unnecessary to even take the time to write about, when I woke up this morning to the news that a very dear friend lost her sister in the early morning hours to cancer.

It put a few things into perspective as I cried tears of hurt for my friend all over my sons sandwich I was making.

  • People who no longer choose to be a part of your life beyond their secret lurkings on social media, aren’t worth giving any time, thought or effort to in restoring that relationship. Clearly there are reasons whether you understand them or not, whether they are yours or theirs. Whatever the reasons are, between the two of you, someone stepped back and that’s just how it is and should be left alone…life’s too short to waste the time.
  • Time, thought and relational effort should however, be spent on the people who are closest to you TODAY. The ones who reach out to you one way or another and that you equally make an effort to maintain a relationship with are the people you should be concerned with. Though most of my closest friends live nowhere near me, the ways in which we can maintain relationships are important and we do it. Even the ones that I have close by, regardless of how we communicate, they are who I should concern myself with TODAY. Spending time trying to figure out what went wrong in the past and what you can do to make it the way it was is in my opinion, a waste.  Especially when you have people who desire to do life with you TODAY, why wouldn’t you want to put forth the effort which, if you are friends it’s probably not difficult.

My friend in Arizona losing her sister to cancer breaks my heart and I don’t even know her sister, but I know her. I cried for her considering the pain she must feel knowing that if I ever lost my sister I would feel like dying too. There is a special bond between sisters, even sisters in the Lord or women who aren’t blood related but best friends. The relationships we can have are relationships that no man could possibly ever experience equally, and I say that in the least sexist way possible. God just created in women something that allows us to be relational with each other on a level so much more pristine , when it is given the care that we were created to give it, it’s just a beautiful thing and I am thankful that He made us with that kind of desire.

Yeah, yeah yeah, you men are great too bla bla bla.


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