Twenty Three


I use to complain about working with women in the grocery store probably on a weekly basis, sometimes daily because I seriously thought there couldn’t possibly be anything worse. Women are catty hags out for their own best interest and don’t give half a crap who they have to take down in the process. Now, I know I said the other day that women were given the gift of bonding and seek relationships and friendships with women, and I still believe that. But when you put a cackle of them in a department with positions of power ranking on the hours in which you work and who gets the job done best and who kisses the managers butt the most, this thing that comes out of women is vile and disgusting, also something men wouldn’t possibly ever be capable of.

Well that’s what I use to think when I worked with a bunch of women anyway.

My life has completely taken a full turn in the last five years or more, I don’t remember. I went from working with women at all hours of the day and night, on my feet 48 hours a week doing difficult manual labor tasks, to working part time in an office, sitting on my ass at a desk in front of a computer IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY which usually consists of mostly men. The majority of my dealings on a daily basis are with the men on the field and I have discovered that they are the biggest cry baby bitches worse than any woman could ever be!! I think what makes it worse is that you wouldn’t expect such trivial nonsense from “A Man”. Oh, and in construction they aren’t called “cry baby bitches” they are called “Bus Drivers”, I learned that early on.

I’m only writing about this today because after I left the office yesterday I got a call from my boss asking me about an order I placed and someone told him they didn’t know anything about it. I have SUCH a hard time not getting completely ghetto in situations like these and I know that I am suppose to be this example of Christs love and grace at all times. But I refuse to put on a front and act like I just take deep breaths and handle it like a good Christian would.

Really bitch? You’re REALLY going to try to act like you didn’t talk to me PERSONALLY on the telephone about that order and then turn around and stick your nose up my bosses butt, run circles around me and get it all handled. Really”?

That is where my mind goes and I did say all that out loud, but no one was here at the time.

I do not understand people and their need to lie to make themselves look better. The person you are throwing under the bus KNOWS you’re lying, they KNOW what you are doing when you call the boss talking about

Shannon ordered this lift and the guy is here to pick it up but I didn’t tell her to call it off, do you know if she did“.

Now, WHY couldn’t you just call me and just ask me yourself? Oh I know why. BECAUSE YOU ARE A BUS DRIVER!!!


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