Twenty Four

yesterday it became clear to me that what you see online isn’t always what really is. I know, I’m that naive! But when people put their work out there, wether it be art or photography or in this case, cakes. And they talk about “all made by hand. All made by me” I’m going to take that at face value and assume that they REALLY made it with their own hands.

Well that was yesterday!

Today I know that a great majority of those things that would just blow me away were made with their hands, but also with a mold. Yeah that’s right! While I was sitting up all night for hours and hours trying to replicate these designs with my two hands and a puddy set, these “professional bakers” are using molds and stencils and then taking credit for it. Not only that, I saw that this other “professional baker” got busted using photoshop on the pics of the cakes he’s been posting.

What is wrong with people?

How do they sleep at night knowing they are deceiving their readers and people who look up to them? I mean, clearly they couldn’t possibly care less. I am not even kidding when I say I cried all the way home from work yesterday after having seen all of this. I imagine I felt like that kid who finds out there is no such thing as Santa.

Tosay I spent a nice chunk of time searching out molds and stencils on eBay and would like to publicly say that I will probably be using some of them should the need arise. I will not ever keep my work tools a secret and I will always be truthful…unless it’s Thanksgiving and I have made the cranberries with fireball and served it to my  Inlaws. That I will never tell the truth about and no one can make me either.


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