Twenty five

We live in Southern California but in the high desert which is a speck in the Mojave desert. It’s pretty centrally located, I mean you can go to the ocean to beach, to the mountains to ski, and to Anaheim to catch a 7:05 Angels game when you get off work at 5. It’s a safe place to raise your kids, housing is ridiculously affordable to purchase instead of rent, and it’s small enough to have that “small town feel” ( a lot of our kids go to the same schools we went to together) yet spread out enough to not feel like big city life. It’s 80 miles north of LA and about a 3 hour drive to Vegas, pretty central and VERY brown. 

Today we drove a couple hours even deeper into the Mojave to a small town called Inyokern, population 1,091. Our son has a shotgun tournament and in the spring series this club is one of the 7 hosts.  On our way here we watched the sunrise expose the dirty d as we drove through the beautiful town of Adelanto to Kramer Junction.

We stopped at “Four Corners” for some sunflower seeds and saw the most amazing ray of color I have ever witnessed in the desert, aside from the magnificent rainbows we see in the rare chance it decide to rain a little. 

This is Danielle the hippy and she, her boyfriend and their dog travel from national reserve to Walmart parking lot, north to south to spread love, peace and happiness to all they meet along the way.  She said over time they had other people they meet try to live with them and travel with them. They have found that it is much less hassle and drama when they travel alone. People assume that when you live this way it’s just going to be a big drunken party(she says) but they don’t realize it also requires work, like panhandling with painted signs and searching for food in the forrests(she says).

We spent some time taking photos of the bus and listening to stories before I got this great inclination to ask if we could pray for her before we departed ways. She thankfully accepted, I handed her some money for gas and off we went to seek the middle of nowhere to watch kids shoot guns on a Saturday. 

I edited some of the photos while in the car messed up on Dramamine and decided the best thing to do would be to take out the surrounding color from each shot using this silly app and my finger. The desert is brown. It’s costly to maintain a lawn and the only time there are any real signs of life are about this time of year when fields of yellow flowers mock you knowing the horrible allergy attacks that will be coming your way in the near future. 

I’m so glad we stopped and not just because I found a caramel pecan Cinnabon fresh out of the oven for me to stuff in my face.

But because she was such a colorful delight after a long drive of brown and she brought such life and hope to the day ahead. Many of the other shooters said they saw the bus on the way here and it sounds like we were the only ones who stopped. I haven’t decided if I want to share my photos with them yet, especially since none of the women here speak to me usually. They all like my hussssssband 😜 Bleh whatever. 

So without further ado, here “she” is… 



One thought on “Twenty five

  1. I love these photos Shann and that you stopped and had prayer with her. So many people will see her/them and pass right on by. You are such a blessing to so many people and I’m blessed to call you my friend. I love you! And I found your blog again!!!!! Happy about that. I wish I had known you were blogging this whole time but that’s ok because I’m enjoying catching up now.

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