Thirty One

All week long our house has been a buzz about our youngest and only son getting to experience the annual “sixth grade walk to the Middle School”. Living in a small town almost everyone that I’ve known since I was 12, and all their younger siblings and now children to follow have had this experience.

The middle school in our hood is just a few blocks away from the elementary school. But back when I went to this elementary school, the closest middle school was all the way on the other side of town and we had to be bussed there, so this is pretty cool…. Mostly for us parents 😜

I made plans with my son to have him text me before they get ready to leave so that I could drive over and take pictures of this right of passage for my friends and family to be a part of. He had NO problem with it and then once I got to work, this happened. 

He ended up believing me after a few more promises and gave me a  5 minute heads up and I drove to the school and waited. I almost cried when I saw him and his buddy’s waking toward me, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. But I was so hysterical about being hidden in the parking lot and saw him look around a few times searching for my car, there was no way tears of sadness were going to fall from my eyes.

And then I was spotted by a ginger and hear “HEY THERE’S YOUR MOM”!!!! (My sons in the red beanie)

Here I thought he was going to be mad at me because I told him “no one will even know I’m there” so when what could have been anger turned into them laughing AT ME for wanting to capture this moment, I was relieved and then felt a little old and annoying. 😢

But that didn’t stop me from driving up the street and parking across from the middle school so I could get more pictures. I made sure to park next to another car and then got out and squatted down “as to not be seen” again with a camera taking pictures of these kids. And once again he catches a glimpse of me thinking I’m hiding taking pictures of him, and the boys all start laughing at me, waving at me, and then I hear “creeper mom” 😳. His classmates are brats. I’m not a creeper!!! How the heck could they even think that was being creepy??? I’m trying to take advantage of the opportunity and capture a great memory and they laugh at me for it.


They laughed at me some more and waved and I waved back as I picked myself up from my hiding spot, hoping to God my son was laughing and not plotting my revenge for having humiliated him on an already emotional day.

I failed.

But I got the photos I wanted!!!  And I got to share them with the other boys moms so it was kind of worth it… I will have to post an update after I pick him up to find out if he’s mad at me or not. I honestly don’t think he will be, he still thinks I’m kinda cool thanks to my constant schooling him in old school rap and  hip hop and taking him to meet Justin Bua. I’ll let you know 😜


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