Menstruation Matters

So I went to Vallarta, a Mexican grocery store, this morning on my way to work to buy some Pamprin and pantyliner’s because good times are happening in my life right now. When I pulled into where I was go park there was a homeless old man standing next to my car waiting for me to get out. I hesitated and looked busy for a while but he wasn’t going anywhere. When I finally just got out expecting him to ask for money he mumbled something and I heard “homeless out” to which I responded I had no change or anything. Security came out at the same time and I was rolling my eyes because in all honesty he was kind of creepy, I didnt like that he stood there waiting for me to get out and had he been dressed nice I’d have thought perhaps he was a JW waiting to hand me a Watchtower that I would later throw out my window as I drove away.

But when I went inside the store and thought I would get myself a bread for my menstrual pain and suffering, I grabbed him a couple pastries and a Sunny D hoping I would see him when I left the store because I CAN help him out with some breakfast. I think the security guard asked him to take off and he did because I couldn’t find him anywhere. I drove around the parking lot and didn’t see him and then I thought I saw him going into the cigarette shop which made me mad because here he was asking for help and then ends up in that smoke shop, great. I don’t think it was him though, but the guy who came out was just as worse for wear.. It was sad.

So I get to my office stuck with these pastries and Sunny D. I kept wondering, what am I going to do with those now? They are probably gross. They are going to just sit there in the kitchen area, no one is going to eat them. What a waste. Maybe he will walk by the office like other homeless people do, searching for cans or metals to scrap at all the recycling places in this area? I know that was totally far fetched and that those things are just going to be wasted food. I was almost kind of annoyed that I couldn’t find the guy to give them to him, and not just because I was going to now be the one who wasted them but because I kind of blew him off and couldn’t come back and redeem myself and because of that, I am stuck with these two pastries no one is going to eat.

Turns out they were BOTH really delicious.

<hangs head in shame and laughs>


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