Thirty Five

When Kim Kardashian posts a photo on Instagram talking about “Oh I just woke up looking like this”.

Yeah me too   


 This may be a little more honest and transparent as I am comfortable with sharing, but when I went to the bathroom this morning completely feeling like death, and then SAW myself in a mirror, I couldn’t resist capturing that hot mess on camera.

As I looked at the picture I took I thought about those glamorous shots  women post about how “dreadful” they look when they just arise from their slumber. Then I remembered the photo editing apps I had on my phone and I wondered just how much they could improve the hot mess in that photo.  So instead of getting out of bed and flipping laundry like I should have, I played with my face and this happened. 


I didn’t have an app to do anything with that hair, my gosh that hair, my poor husband. But goodness gracious what a difference some editing can make. I have no doubt more people than not touch up photos before posting them, and I guess if you have the technology to do so why not. I think that as I get older and I see my face changing and the lines in my forehead becoming more defined, I realize the struggle I have with my own issues with vanity. 

Instead of being thankful for having risen to see another day my first thought is “how I wish I could Botox those lines man”.  I really should consider getting my priorities straight. 


3 thoughts on “Thirty Five

  1. This is you? Okay, just awake, you look nice and I actually saw Taylor Swift on Twitter a few weeks ago with full makeup on including that hard to apply lip gloss saying, “I really just woke up”. But to be fair, I do sleep with moisturiser moisturiser, lip and hand cream next to my pillow just in case…

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