I hope your thumbs break

The past week has been riddled with unnecessary drama all because people don’t want to be bothered communicating with each other using spoken words. I swear, when things like “teenage niece and nephew not texting me back” and I realize that had I just dialed their number and made them speak to me personally it would have been resolved immediately happen, I feel like my Gram must have felt when we were teens. I remember her saying to us in the car that our music was crap and was unoriginal, and when we argued “how can you even say such a thing” she responded, “all they do is repeat the same thing over and over I just cant get enough, I just cant get enough. Well, settle with what you can get and then shut up” man she was a crack up. But it’s remembering the disconnect between generations as an adult that I realize I may be becoming a little like my Gram. I am getting old and out dated and slowly falling behind the times, all because I have become frustrated with “text messaging” as the main form of communication and all the kiddies think it’s “normal”.

It’s not just the teens and texting either because texting with your parents brings on an entirely different set of issues. Teens don’t respond to you and it’s super annoying for you AND for them because they don’t want to be bothered. Parents on the other hand read into everything you say and decide for themselves what your tone was when you wrote to them. I’m not sure HOW they can decide what your words “sounded like” but somehow they have that power and they react to it immediately, something completely opposite from the teens. The fighting that broke out the past 7 days because the teens wont respond and the parents over evaluate script was SO completely unnecessary and would have easily been avoided if we just had communicated “like we use to in the old days”.

It’s because of this week that I have had to make a decision to refuse to communicate about issues more important than small talk with text messaging, which makes me REALLY feel like an angry old woman stuck in her old fashion ways. It’s not worth it!! Life is ridiculous enough sometimes without having to deal with tears and hurt feelings because communication was lacking. Because times have changed that much that people cant be bothered to speak to each other with their voice and not their thumbs? THAT is just pathetic and I want no part of it. OH! And so we’re clear, just because you use “talk to text” doesn’t mean your message comes over that much more clearly, because it doesn’t! Especially since you are too much of a nerd to take the automatic signature off of ALL your outgoing texts!!!



One thought on “I hope your thumbs break

  1. I had much rather talk to someone than text. I just have a hard time typing on my phone for one thing! And I guess I’m old school too. I like to hear the person I’m talking to. Or Skype when convenient. I don’t like to even text Jeeves and Sarah and I don’t unless it’s a real quick question about something. I like this video you found. It really made me laugh since we did have those phones when I was little!

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