Frugal Fans

Is it awful that we will be in Tempe Arizona watching the Angels play before the season starts instead of being at church on Palm Sunday?


For some, the ball field IS their church, the players ARE their gods and The Angels are truly angelic forces in this world. Not to us though. We’re simply your all American working poor family who wanted to take our son on a road trip to Tempe during the weekend before his Spring Break ends. It’s hard being limited to what we can afford to do as a family, but we’re learning how to make it work on a budget.


Its okay to be thrifty and to be creative in the way we make it possible to spend this time in our sons life. We sit under a tree on the lawn at the ball field, get hotel rooms with free breakfast using reward points. I know that it’s a gift God blessed us with to not only be thrifty but also to not feel shame about living frugal yet living to the fullest, and I am thankful for having that gift.

Although it was a bummer that none of our favorites played yesterday, it was awesome knowing Mike Trout was there messing around on Instagram. And when he “liked” a couple photos I posted and tagged him on, it really made the day. Everyone in our group was just thrilled. He’s awesome. 😍


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