If Jesus were tulips


When we walked out today to do life I noticed a single white tulip had bloomed in my little garden. I planted bulbs years ago and always enjoy the blossoms in spring, mostly because I never know what colors they will be. Seems they change every year depending on the minerals from the rain and soil, at least thats what I’ve been told.

Upon seeing the white one and remembering I had taken photos of some other gorgeous new colors I looked into the meaning each color represented. It seemed only fitting to put the connection to my Savior when the results were before me. 



Represents “Perfect love” like the perfect love expressed by the shed blood for the redemption of our sins. 



Purple represents “Royalty”. Of course Jesus was flogged, had a crown of thorns beaten into his head and then draped with a purple robe so that He could be mocked, we know He is royalty. He is our King. 



The white tulip represents “forgiveness”. Seeing that single white tulip this Good Friday morning melted my humble heart. 

In my flower garden, I see Jesus in the tulips . The Royal King of Kings draped in a purple robe shed his Scarlett blood out of perfect love for us to offer forgiveness of our sins, making us pure as a white tulip in the Fathers eyes.  Such a beautiful sight and fabulous representation through all things He created, not to mention the acronym T.U.L.I.P that has such a meaningful presence in my life, that I had to pass on the blessing to whoever happens to see this post today and hope it blessed you as well. 


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