Because Cake

I worked my ass off this week, mostly emotionally as my stupid head trips were bad but also on cakes. So instead of rambling on I will just post pictures. 

You’re welcome 


An old coworker friend asked me to do some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cupcakes and birthday cake for her little guys birthday.. 

So I did.


She also wanted to get her daughter a cake for HER birthday…. 

So she did


Then another friend asked about a “naked cake” which, I still don’t know why these are a thing but I will do what is asked of me because it’s kinda part of the biz.


Earlier in the week, someone had ordered a “bright fluffy flowery cake with oranges, yellows, and sage greens.”. She said the birthday girl has always wanted a super foo foo birthday cake, even as a child.

So I made her one.


I think I need to not let my mentality at the time affect my feelings about my work, especially when I think it’s the single most ugliest thing I’ve ever made. People like different things and that’s okay. So long as I make their day special, that was the whole idea anyway. 


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