Grad Cakes And Reality

I have  written a few posts that have just been sitting in drafts. Too many things going on in my head and for the first time I don’t feel like sharing them with everyone. It doesn’t seem to matter what I write anymore and quite truthfully, I’m starting to be okay with that. 

Seems like everyone has something to say in hopes to try to glorify themselves by either getting the most people to agree with them or get the most followers or viewers. Right up there with my reasons for despising cake competitions, I am at that place where I don’t want to compete with my words on screen anymore. I don’t “need” that added pressure in my life as I am insecure enough already. As if trying to put myself out there to impress people only to find out they don’t give a shit is a healthy choice for a mentally ill person anyway. haha

So, enough said. 

Here is a fabulous cake I made this morning.



One thought on “Grad Cakes And Reality

  1. That is a fabulous cake for sure! I know what you mean. Someone that you don’t even know always wants to be right ~ even when they are not…..So boring!

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