That moment you realize being in the world but not of the world has taken on a much broader spectrum in your daily life up to and including social media and you will have to eventually remove it from your life. The beautiful thing about that is, YOU have control over what you bring in and what you keep out. They don’t call them “magic bubbles” for nothing. The saying “Ignorance is bliss” isn’t just something to try to insult someone with, ignorance about the darkness in this world is quite blissful.

Doesn’t make you unaware of how bad things are shit, you can see it on the faces of the people you know and it’s bad if you are a believer. Gods people are being challenged by a world that hates them and hates Him and it’s exhausting sometimes. But when you have the ability to not even know all the details about what is happening every split second it happens, you have that many more minutes of bliss before you have one more thing to mourn about.

Any extra minutes of bliss I can have I will gladly accept.


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  1. Sometimes I had have to avoid the news and other things on television so I don’t have to dwell in misery for things that I can’t control. I just try to be a better person every day.

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