the nodes

I’m starting to not feel well again, I really hate that. I JUST told my uncle at dinner the other night that I was so impressed with the results I was getting from the hemp seed and ground flax meal I was putting in my morning smoothies, and how my joint and body pains has been very tolerable since I had faithfully been including that into my diet. Then all weekend long after that conversation I kept feeling my lymph nodes on my left side again heating up. My ear, neck and face all on that side feel like they are on fire, and my side boob is so super store, it’s the stupidest thing. My pain was so disgusting yesterday I got out my stem machine, lathered on the deep blue cream,made a nest of pillows on the couch and let that thing do it’s magic for 2 sessions, it was fabulous. I would love nothing more than to do that right now and I cant.

So of course I am going to spent entirely too much time on the internet trying to find oils and supplements to help me get back to feeling better again. It’s always something isn’t it?


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