Looking ahead as a future millennial parent

I never gave much thought to the time I would have to make a decision on how to react to being in a situation as a Christian parent of a tweenager. It seems trivial to most I’m sure but the truth be told I have never been more serious about my proclamation for being a Christian and living with a lifestyle to support it. I spent far too many years of my life doing the complete opposite and being the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever known and having come to a place of greater understanding of who Jesus is in contrast to who I am not, my heart has been ridiculously changed and I feel like one of the biggest responsibilities as a Christian parent is to be aware of what is happening in the world that our son is smothered by.

None of this is going to make sense to someone who isn’t a disciple of Christ, I am just going to say that straight up because it is going to seem like complete and total nonsense. The world has done a spectacular job of twisting everything about Christianity and the wall of divide between believers and unbelievers is so ridiculously powerful right now that I am seriously going to put myself into a vulnerable situation even admitting to this truth and quite honestly, I have been putting it off for a couple of days because I am not sure if I can handle what people who say they are my friends are going to either throw back at me, or talk about me behind my back after they read it. Of course, I’m going to do it anyway so here it goes.

Just this week alone we have been put into a position where as Christian parents, we have to decide if and where the line between living for what we believe would be an honest representation of Christ in our lives and the lives of our tweenager is. Lets take yesterdays gubernatorial bomb the Moonbeam dropped on California parents of kids between the 7th and 12th grades. He has decided to allow a bill to be passed that would require schools to subject our kids to what, in my opinion is far beyond what a standard sex education class should be in a public school system or ANY school system for that matter. There are things in this world whether we agree with them or not, that are as much a part of our society norms as cell phones and Starbucks and there isn’t much we can do to stop the new normal from progressing and becoming in my opinion, more and more separated from the One who created each and every one of us. Even as I type that last sentence, I am reminded that the twisting of what is considered “normal” these days is all a result of the fall in the garden and our need for a Redeemer and so really none of this should even surprise me. However, I don’t think that even if I am not shocked at the sad state of our culture, again, in my opinion, that I should as a Christian parent, treat these things as just something that is prophesied to happen and allow our tween growing up in it to be complacent with what he is seeing unfold.

Clearly I can’t put him in a bubble and try to protect him by isolation and anyone who says “well why not” should just imagine my eyes roll to the back of my head and my hands be put into the depths of my pockets as I try to avoid throat punching you because that would be totally Un Christlike. I can however, use every single one of these situations like the indoctrination of the new normal sexual experience to our children to the benefit of the Gospel by showing our son just another example of WHY Jesus needed to do what He did for us in order to save us from ourselves and the damnation brought upon us so long ago. In doing so though, and this is where it gets REALLY sticky, do we utilize our options to “opt out” of the new normal sexual education class and request our son not be put through it at all? Everyone keeps saying “they are going to find out about it anyway” which, to that I say mmmm maybe, maybe not? I mean, when you are limiting yourself to the exposures of the world by not absorbing every newest and hottest movie and television program or even music or website, there are going to be things in our society that are foreign to you, and that is OKAY considering the direction our society is headed(in my opinion).

For example, do you have ANY idea how long it was popular before I even knew that there was a song being played on the radio and on the internet asking if we knew how to whip or Dougie? Even worse, and mind you, I wasn’t THAT sheltered and God knows I was a really bad girl growing up but in my own naivety it didn’t even occur to me until last year I believe, no matter how many times I rapped along with Sir Mix-a-Lot about how his anaconda not wanting none if she don’t got buns hun wasn’t really about a snake found in the jungles of South America. I grew up in a Christian home and my mama did her best to shelter us from as much as she possibly could even threatening hell fire and brimstone and saying things like “what happens if you are doing these things at a party and Jesus returns”(I am not even kidding) and in doing so, even though I was exposed to the likes of Sir Mix-a-lot  I might not have always understood things, and that is alright as far as I am concerned. I don’t think that my son NEEDS to understand the dynamic of homosexual relationships and the sex, std and responsibilities a homosexual has to acquire in order to protect themselves in order to maintain a healthy homosexual lifestyle, and that is what is going to be offered up in these classes.

How does choosing to “opt out” of this indoctrination  class seem like an extreme measure to take as a Christian parent who has the best interest of MY Christian son in mind? How am I being a lunatic fundamentalist right winged conservative because I don’t feel like it’s anyone’s responsibility to school my son about homosexual relations that OUR GOD has made clear to us through His Word that we live by is NOT what He intended for us? I can’t even fathom what kind of decisions HE is going to have to make if/when he is around to have children to have to make these decisions for some day. Do we draw a line Christians? Do we stand firm in our faith and in our convictions and use the discernment we beg of the Holy Spirit to guide us to in the hopes that we don’t end up with resentful children who God forbid end up at the opposite end of that spectrum and desire to go find out what they were missing because we prevented them from being exposed to it? MAN, the worse case scenario my parents had to be concerned with was me being an unwed mother and the fact that I went and did it anyway and we all got through it ISN’T reason enough for me to feel that using that same discretion with our society norms 25 years later is wise because things today are way worse and far more accepted.

How does this apply to the life of the millennial you may be wondering… I hope that you aren’t wondering. You millennial are going to be the next in line to have to make these kinds of decisions for your tweenagers and while that may be years from where you are now, these are issues that wouldn’t be a bad idea to begin to pray the Lord prepare you for today. It should be evident that things are probably not going to get easier, they aren’t going to improve to a more Godly standard and because of this it is even more reason to add to the long list of things you will need the Lords covering on. Take it from someone who has already raised and married off a 24-year-old and am now dealing with one who is almost 13 and in the greatest of influential stages of his young life. I WISH I had been more mindful of what was to come instead of assuming I will handle it when it gets here was a more realistic approach. How will you prepare yourself for the days you will be a parent to a child you will raise knowing the love and sacrifice of Jesus and the beauty and promise of His word?


3 thoughts on “Looking ahead as a future millennial parent

  1. I guess if I were in your place, I would have a talk with my son. I would advise him that while I believe some sex education is important, I also believe there are things he doesn’t have to be exposed to at this time of his life. If he ever has any questions about anything, I would hope he would come to you or your husband for answers. I also agree with you that I believe our children are told and exposed to much more than they need to know about. Sure, they should know about bad “touching” and people who might try to lure them. Then I would ask my son how he would feel about not being in the class. Maybe he would like to discuss it with your minister.

    I grew up in the 50’s. Somehow I always knew about the old man in the theater that tried to touch the little girls. Apparently someone in the neighborhood told me. Did I have to know WHY he was touching the girls….no. Did I wonder why the theater allowed him into the movies, yes.

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