When courtesy was common

It’s funny, when I was a young girl I could remember my mother saying things like ” I remember when I was younger and” and I would think she was SO old fashioned and out of it. Like things could really have been THAT different when she was younger.

Then this morning I went to the gas station on my way to work and there was an empty pump and a car in front of me that I THOUGHT was going to pull in and fuel up. So I just waited behind the car now in front of me for a few moments when I realized that the car I THOUGHT was going to take the empty pump kept going, so I did what anyone else on their way to work would do and went forward to that empty pump thinking “woohoo“. Only what I didn’t know was that the car in front of me had actually bypassed the empty pump so that she could flip a U and come in at the other direction where her tank was.

Now two things could have went down at that point.

I could have totally been a dick (like EVERYONE ELSE) and thought to myself (while she was head on with me, looking at me like “what the hell lady you gonna move or what”? ) “Oh WELL I thought you weren’t getting gas, I’m here now and you can wait on me”. She and I both knew that we were in that kind of a gas station crossroads and it could have been resolved very easily or with a cat fight and it was up to me to decide how it was going to go down. Without much hesitation, my idiot self thinks I’m a professional mime and I hand gesture to her my apologies and that I am going to pull out of the gas station, go ALL the way around the block to the 4 way stop and hope to God that I can get the pump I was originally waiting for and that she should please go ahead and move forward to my spot I had just STOLEN from her. I literally did all of this with hand motions, it was ridiculous, and I did it without even thinking twice. It was like a natural moment of Common Courtesy that is severely lacking in this day and age and when I got out of my car to pump my gas at the other pump I luckily got without anyone else pump blocking me as I made my way around the corner, through the 4 way stop and back into the gas station, when she thanked me for being the courteous person I was, I was going to tell her something in christianese (to let her know I am a Christian and that’s how we roll) and let her know that I simply could not contribute to the lack of human kindness in this world, regardless of how presumptuous I may have sounded.

Clearly God knew how presumptuous I would have sounded because she didn’t even give me a second glance. Not of gratitude and probably not even noticing the kind gesture I made with my decision to not be “that person”. I would even go so far as to imagine she was probably thinking, “it’s a good thing this bitch went around and didn’t take my spot, I REALLY didn’t feel much like getting into  a fight this freezing Monday morning right after Thanksgiving”, or something like that.

But it’s RIDICULOUS the lack of what use to be common courtesy there is these days and at the risk of sounding like my own mother I have to say, back in my day my reaction to this situation today would have just been what you would do. SHE was there first. I made a mistake in my judgement in regards to what she was doing, so I am the one to move and make it right, not even a big deal. People get SHOT over situations like this!! How awful is that? I seriously almost cried after I left and not just because I was butt hurt that she couldn’t even bother to say thanks for not being an a hole but because;

  1. I knew if someone had been in my shoes and I in hers, I would have made sure to thank them for not being “that person”
  2. She DIDN’T think my gesture was at all as kind as I did and
  3. That the people in this world are so selfish, and people are so self consumed that this situation is SO common with sometimes such horrible results, HOW did the world get so bad?

On the heels of Thanksgiving and the horror I saw on the internet of these scandalous people on Black Friday getting into fights with each other over THINGS they selfishly had to have this little thing feels big and breaks my heart. I’m sure part of it has to do with the lovely seasonal depression I battle every year but in truth I think it confirms the residence of the Holy Spirit within me, because I wasn’t always so quick to be so generous with the gas pump and I truly think at one time I could have been that woman who would have had NO problem going toe to toe with this woman(even though she outweighed me by at least 100 pounds) over a gas pump misunderstanding. Perhaps the problem has always been there I am just finally seeing things through the eyes of Jesus for a change and I see just how desperate a people we are for Him.


2 thoughts on “When courtesy was common

  1. You did the kind thing and you won. It really doesn’t matter if the lady even thought you were courteous, you know you did the right thing. I’m hoping you continue to believe in being a good person….Happy Monday.

    • It doesn’t matter AT ALL!! I react how I do because of Christ!I just see how easy it was for me and wonder why everyone couldn’t do a little more “driving around” … Oh well.

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