10 reasons I hate Christmas

Nostalgia during Christmas is always a sure fire way to throw me into the deepest of depression which when I think about it,  is probably why I stayed stoned most of my life. NOT dealing with the feels is so much easier than actually facing them dead on.

I’ve compiled a list of 10 things that cause me angst during the Christmas season, in hopes I can let them go when I press send and be done with it. When I was a kid my grammy would tell me to write it down and burn the paper. I’m sure this blog will be about as useful as the fire was. pfft


In no particular order


  1. The stress of buying presents- God forbid the Jones’ get better shit than you this year.
  2. The sense of urgency to get everything done and the lack of humanity that comes with it.
  3. The thought of broken friendships and the memories from Christmas past.
  4. Trying to fit all the broken pieces of your family unit into ONE 12 hour day because God forbid you don’t spend time with _____ on Christmas day. I mean hell, if it was really SO important then you’d spend time with them more often than one day a year.
  5. Being broke
  6. Santa Claus
  7. Holiday Christians who only come to church on Christmas eve
  8. Christians who DONT go to church on Christmas eve because of the holiday Christians who do.
  9. Not being able to just sit in the silence and presence of God because of all the chaos happening in celebration of His gift to us.
  10. Having to put Christmas back in the rafters until next year.

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