You’re not dying, you’re fat

I didn’t give it much thought but in a way I am actually still dying because I’m fat and my organs are suffering. Whatever, being 42 and having to go see a doctor for flank pain and finding out you have a wicked bladder infection oh and by the way you’re morbidly obese and your liver is full of fat, stop being that way and lose weight. I didn’t think getting old was going to be so hard I mean, I assumed in my 70’s I might start hurting everywhere, getting bladder infections and feeling like complete shit all the time but not this soon.

When Bowie died it really put my age into perspective, crazy as that sounds. I remember when my parents were in their 40’s and an icon from their youth would die and they would be like “man he was so young” and to me he was all old and ready. I get it now. The good thing is all of the issues I have are fixable it is just a matter of me getting off my butt and working to fix them. Truth be told, being on my butt is a huge part of the problem as I have an office job and sit for 8 hours a day. My doctor has informed me that he has NO doubt the sitting and becoming immobile is the reason my body is in the state that it is, particularly being “morbidly obese”.

By the way, “morbidly obese” is really rude and feels completely inaccurate I mean, I’ve seen commercials for My 600 pound life and I feel like THAT is morbidly obese, not this.


This is just ridiculousness



2 thoughts on “You’re not dying, you’re fat

  1. Shannon, you are beautiful and God will help you become the healthier person you want to become. We all need His power in this world. Behold His greatness and He will continue to see you through this in victory!

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