The Tamale Lady

There is a woman who comes to our office almost daily in her beat down 1989 Honda Accord with her husband in the back seat surrounded by ice chests filled with breakfast burritos, carne asada burritos and tamales. In the trunk of her car she has ice chests with packages of cut fresh fruits that she is making a killing off of me with because I like not having to cut it all up myself at home.

My health has been an issue for a while now and I know I need to do something about it because I am miserable. I mean, they found out I had a terrible kidney infection and I’ve since been treated for that but why all the pain? Why does my body hurt so much? I’ve made a few changes in the layout of my office space and moved my screen up and I push my chair all the way back to the back wall and force myself to stand for periods of time throughout the day. My doctor said that the majority of my pain issues are because I sit so much because of my immobility, which would explain my having gone to the ER thinking I had something wrong with my kidneys because the pain was SO intense only to find out I strained a muscle painting my kitchen cabinets. My body is SO unaccustomed to movement it hurt THAT BAD after an excruciating day of cabinet painting like, that is crazy!!!

So tamale lady comes in yesterday and I’m hobbling down the stairs with wires coming out of my pants and attached to something in my coat pocket and she looks at me like “what the heck”? Keep in mind this woman speaks some pretty broken English but he facial expression said it all and I told her I was having pain and need a stem machine which, she didn’t comprehend and just asked “so you wanna froot”? Today she comes in with the fruit in hand KNOWING I have continually declined having tamales or burritos for a few days now and the first thing she says is ” are you feeling better today”? I realized that the language barrier wasn’t even as thick as I originally assumed it was, she could see by the look on my face and my painful wobbling around that I was in pain.

I must admit I have a new respect for her that I didn’t have a day ago. I mean, I respected her for busting her butt to make food and sell it for money to businesses already but the fact that she took a second to connect with me beyond being some office person buying food from her was kind of cool. No Tajin for my froot I need to avoid salt I am swollen like a balloon thanks.


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