It’s how you look, move on

This morning I got myself ready for a casual Friday, felt pretty confident about what I was wearing, how my hair cooperated with me. My makeup went on smoothly and knowing I would be heading to the dreaded mall right after work to get the boy a haircut, I made sure that I wouldn’t be waking into that mall feeling completely dumpy if by some freak chance I did run into someone. 

But when I went to walk out of my room and pass my full length mirror for one quick glance at my ensemble for the day, I stopped myself and stared in disappointment. I thought I looked good!!!! What happened??? How did one minute I feel confident and the next completely mortified???? 

I didn’t have time for a re-do I was already running way too late and had a few errands to run before getting to the office, so what I was wearing was going to have to just happen. I simply did not have time to try to hide what I thought I looked like. I had to bring myself to the reality that

This is what you look like Shannon. Changing your shirt doesn’t change what Shannon looks like, this is you. There isn’t anything you can do right now to make your body thinner or your shoulders not so broad. You can’t be the 25 pounds thinner than you are today RIGHT NOW and you still are running late and still have a job to be at. You still have to face life today and who you are today is who God created you to be today,so just go face the day anyway. 

 It’s simple truth like this that trips me up the most in life and it’s stupid because I’ve never thought to just go out the door as confidently as I was when I got myself ready and not spending the whole day dwelling on what I wish I looked like. 

What a concept!!! 


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