Oscar the grouch is my kind of Oscar

Anything the world can do, including hair styles, jewelry, and fashionable clothing, is no clear witness to what only God can do.

I am so exhausted and want nothing to do with today and yet I know that today’s troubles and nonsense will not depart from me. I worked my butt off over the weekend and I feel like it was for nothing and I have nothing but pictures of my work on Instagram to show for it, big deal. I’m not sure WHY I thought I needed to make extra money except out of fear and so it serves me right to sit here exhausted now I suppose.

I walked over 6,ooo steps on Saturday which for me is a lot as I sit all day and as hard as I worked I come to work, step on the scale and see no change, again. I’m beginning to think the fitbit is a complete waste of energy and time. I started taking some supplements after finding out it wasn’t the supplements making me sick it was an infection in my bladder, and all they do is make me carefully but steadily rush to the bathroom after I eat. No thanks, I’d rather be fat. It’s really starting to affect my personal life (yes, I do have one) and having to excuse myself because I have to excuse myself is just growing old. As much as I dont want to admit it I am thinking I have no other choice but to get off my ass and start moving, foot to pavement, even if it means I fall on the ground in pain from the pinched nerve in my groin that I refuse to go get an xray on(but only now because I’ve misplaced my xray order because I didn’t want to go get one anyway).

My attitude sucks and it always seems to suck right before my boss goes on yet another vacation or excursion and I am stuck here sitting in my own sour funk. Maybe I just need to go outside and walk around a minute. Guess I’ll take a walk around the building.



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