Catching up

In 2012 my husband got this ridiculous idea to run for city council and to be honest it’s mostly a blur and seems like it was even longer than 4 years ago, probably because I hated the whole thing and I hate it even more now. I told him that I didn’t want him to run again and when I saw how frustrated he was with my feelings, I prayed about whether I was just being stubborn and selfish and I’m sure God laughed at the idea of me even questioning my feelings immediately upon my first whisper of “Lord Am I being”?

So I put my sinful feelings aside and chose to accept that he was going to embark on this nonsense journey and also take no part of any of it and let him do what he was going to do to woo the locals into entrusting him with a seat on the throne of judgement in our local podunk town. Of course living in a podunk town has it’s downfalls and thanks to the evils of social media and my inability to keep my feelings off my fingers, immediately into the first of several online forums I pissed off a few people with my honesty which is something you aren’t allowed to be apparently when dealing with these uptight phonies, and I knew this! I knew that him getting involved in this was going to mean I had to put a muzzle on it and not speak my mind and I dont now how to do that, really. I’ve gotten better over the last few weeks and I’ve had to like, filter out just about everyone I’m connected with on facebook and it’s so stupid but I’ve done it and I’m sure “they” are pissed at that too and I dont even care. We arent “friends” so labeling them as an acquaintance and not allowing them to see the things I post to my actual “friends” shouldn’t be offensive. You’re nosy, that’s it. And the sinner in me wants to go Ray Donovan on them and tell them to go f*ck themselves because I’m over it.

This years election is going to be a huge disappointment for a good majority of Americans and it’s sad. My husband and I are dealing with a few other personal things that life has handed us that I haven’t publicized (that’s growth) and I really think that while we are surrounded by the members in our community group as the preliminary results come trickling in, I am going to really be challenged to be strong and silent one last time. I’ve been training for it for weeks now so it will be interesting to see how well I do at the final push. Then, once everyone is gone and the house is put back together and everything put away, I can go into my bedroom and settle in to the biggest meltdown imaginable.



One thought on “Catching up

  1. This very long election process has gotten on the nerves of the best of us. Having your husband running for a position that he wants has to make it even tougher for you. Hope he gets elected and that things settled back into place once again. Of course, Life is never the same from day to day so we can always expect the unexpected.

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