6 months later

He was unemployed about 6 months to the day and Monday he goes to Salt Lake City for training for the job he finally was offered and accepted. When I look back on the blog I wrote a month after he was laid off I see the job he was offered is pretty much what we were praying he would get but it’s probably better because Creator God sees the bigger picture in this and I’m sure there are more reasons this is the right job for James that we aren’t even aware of yet and for all of this I am grateful.

In the week he’s been employed it feels like our son miraculously grew up and I find my mind being blown at the choices he’s making and the vision and plans he’s had for himself coming to pass. For a kid who never wanted to do organized sports to ask us to take him to get a sports physical so he can do track with school, I scratch my head wondering what the heck happened? In the grand scheme of things, one of the requirements for Air Force Academy is leadership classes which he’s had in ASB. He also needed to enroll in AFROTC which God has miraculously provided the school an amazing man whose family we are very fond of, to be the new Instructor at the High School when for the last few years they hadn’t one.  Now he is going to go out for track with a couple of his friends which is something he’s always frowned upon every time we’ve tried to get him interested in school sports because we KNEW he needed them for college acceptance.

It’s just funny the way things work out sometimes you know?

Today I am taking my oldest daughter to see her cardiologist for results on her echo-cardiogram and treadmill tests she had done a few weeks ago. They are thinking she needs to have her pulmonary heart valve replaced again as it’s well over 12 years old, which is fine. We kind of expected this was going to happen and needed to know it was necessary so that she could get the treatment she needs on her torn meniscus. This girl is stronger than any woman I’ve ever known it amazes me. So I guess I’ll be back tomorrow for that update if anyone is interested. I’m not on facebook right now for Lent again and I’m seriously hating it and failing terribly. I’m struggling with the whole “doing it out of obligation” which makes it feel legalistic and the whole point of it all is being lost in unnecessary legalities. I’ve gone from one form of social media to another and have been caught up in the mess that is Twitter which is basically way worse. People are so vile and sad, it’s crazy.

So I guess as I work through this time of disconnecting and regrouping I will probably just utilize this blog and talk to myself through it a bit. I’ve always had this kind of outlet and I’m not sure what else to do. Perhaps that is what I’m suppose to be learning right now. Blogging, Vlogging, and Tweeting are an alright earthly avenue to vent out lifes ridiculousness, but when I have the actual throne of God through Christ to lay all of this down to, the other avenues are just irrelevant.



I’ll need to soak that in a bit.


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