Freshly forty and far from fabulous

I am a native of Southern California and have been blogging for as long as I can remember but back in the 80’s it was in a “My First Diary” that had a pick able lock. I have quite the little testimony and for whatever reason am more reluctant to spill the truths of my life more now than I was when I was mentally unstable, on drugs and lost. Somehow blatant honesty about overcoming addictions, being freed from bondage (not the fun kind) and rediscovering not necessarily who I am but who it is Christ wants me to be, appears in my mind to put me in a more vulnerable place. Which is precisely why I feel like I need to do this, as another step in the healing and dealing of this life  with the hopes that there are probably people who might relate and find comfort in the words I speak directly from the heart.

Oh and because truth be told deep down inside I really think I am THAT interesting.


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